Monday, 17 August 2015

Tom Ford Moodlight Skin Illuminating Powder Duo Review Fall 2015 Collection

The fall 2015 Tom Ford collection contains some beautiful pieces and I was drawn to Moodlight which I think is the star of the show. It's a highlighting and illuminating powder formula duo nestled within the unmistakable, if a bit predictable, chocolate brown and gold packaging and suede protective pouch. I dream one day TF will released tortoise shell and rose gold casings.

It features:
Highlighting and Illuminating in powder form.
2 shades of light - Soft White for a luminous daylight glow and a Soft Golden Peach that simulates romantic candlelight.
Soft shimmering finish without the disco ball effect.
Intended to be worn alone or layered together for a multi-dimensional glow

As soon as I unboxed it took my breath away, for makeup lovers this is a sight to behold and I just stared at it for ages dumbstruck. Normally I would swatch immediately but I had to gather my thoughts first.

 For anyone who appreciates luxury powders or if your like me and needing to recapture the youthfull glow, this will do your skin justice. I am a big fan of Hourglass but this blows them out of the water. There is such a classy, subtle effect on the skin and they do not highlight imperfections or sit in creases like so many other products. In terms of value for money, yes ok it is a bit pricey at £56 but then I'm sure that was what the Hourglas ambient palette cost so for 12g of product it's really good value.

To buy this it can be found at Harrods.

Thursday, 19 February 2015


How Sad, my last box! It is a good one apart from a burst product, however lets look inside.
1. YADAH Pure Green Emulsion 120ml Full sized ($21)
Emulsions are lovely as they sink in fast and this one is herbal and has royal jelly and prickly pear so it should be quite soothing. I like the brand YADAH and have a few of their lipsticks which are great.

2. ECHOICE Perfume Body Mist Dear Iris 120ml Full size ($4)
ECHOICE appears to be a Korean drugstore brand but the products are good quality. I love Korean body mists, I know not everyone does but I like their cute floral smells. I had a good spritz of it earlier and can still get the scent so it's long lasting as well.

3. SEVENDROPS Moringa Light Sunblock 50g Full sized ($38)
I have heard of moringa tree extract before and it is claimed to be a favourtie of ancient kings and queens! It is said to hydrate and repair. I love how Korean sunblocks also nourish the skin. They also don't smell anythign like western ones. This has a really light texture.

4. KSKIN Rose Moisture & Nutrition Facial Cream 100ml Full sized (&8)
This was the one that burst in the box giving it a lovely floral scent. It has bulgarian and tea rose which are meant to hold vitamin C to repair the skin. It seems nice and creamy.

5. ENESTI Rose Hip Oil Foaming Cleanser 120ml Full sized ($15)
I have the yuzu and oatmeal version of this . This is a rose hip oil based cleanser and these are really nice and foamy. I will open this and give it  try to see if it's as good as the oatmeal.

6. PUREDERM Lavendar Collagen Pulp Mask Full sized 18ml ($2)
Never tried a pulp mask but I do have a stash of these purederm ones in various scents. I have tried other purederm sheet masks with great success. I think this lavendar one will be great for relaxation and stress relieving.

I enjoyed this box even if it was quite low value it goes to show that you can get good drugstore products in Korea. I am sad this is my last box but maybe Memebox will some back again some day.


This is a fantastic box, I love everything in it and it was worth the longer than usual wait, here's what's in the box:

1. SEVENDROPS Criste-Marine Firming Eye Cream 25ml Full sized ($52)
I have no idea what Criste-marine extract is but it sounds good and I also have a thing for any product containing Alaska glacial water. This is an anti-ageing eye cream which I also love, currently using Boscians so will be good to see how this measures up.

2. A.H.C The First Caviar Ampoule 30ml Full sized ($50)
I recently swapped some AHC products due to the short shelf life but this doesn't seem to have one. Among other ingredients it contains caviar and ginseng which are both thought highly of, with caviar know as the diamond of skincare.

3. SECRETKEY Color Recipe Cream 55g Full sized ($17)
I have the pink and yellow version of these and they are good solid everyday creams. There was a random pick of blue and yellow so gald I got blue. It is a moisturising version and is rich in vitamins.

4. THE YEON Wannabe Romance Gel Perfume 12ml Full sized ($12)
This is is an amazing little perfume wand, a bit like mascara in construction and it smells really good. I am going to hunt down the other fragrances now.

5. ROSEMINE Whipping Milk Body Lotion Passion Fruit 300ml Full sized ($15)
I love their lip balms and the packaging reminds me of Cath Kidson. It's a huge pump bottle and smells very fruity, the texture is light and is absorbs well.

A great box but sadly I am only waiting on one more.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


This was one of the last new boxes I was able to get before they stopped international shipping. It was billed as up and coming beauty trends.
1. RIMBI Powerful Treatment Essence 125ml Full sized ($34)
This has 85% Galactomyces which I love already. I use that all the time in a pure form and it is brilliant for dry skin. Galactomyces helps with skin renewal. This product claims that with daily application it will brighten and hydrate the skin plus diminish the look and size of wrinkles. I am going to do a 2 week trial to compare it with some other products.

2. W.Lab 3P+CO2 Pore Crown Pack Delux Sample.
This is a a butterfly blackhead sheet pad with a syringe full of gel that contains 6 applications. It has a fizzy carbonated formula so I am expecting bubbling. You put some of the gel onto the pad so it's like creating your own sheet mask.

3. SECRETKEY Perfume Peeling Body Scrub 200g Full Sized ($24)
These were a random pick from fun and fruit or clean and soft. I got clean and soft and it smells very floral but nice and not overpowering. Although it's a body scrub the instructions say face but I will probably use it in the shower. It reminds me of the amethyst scrub.

4. SUR Nail Poilsh Full sized ($60)
Again a random from red, purple and gold. I got red which I don't wear so will swap this out. I have a lot of Korean nail varnish and have to say they are usually long lasting and don't chip but the colour selections are often strange. Coverage is good with very opaque one coat applications.

5. FERFREE Ultra Facial Intense Hydration Cream 50ml Full sized ($16)
Never come across this brand before. It claims 24 hour hydration so I am expecting sticky consistency. I actually like this sort of thing if I'm not going anywhere and going make-up free. It has 'squalene' formula which I have never heard of and also olive oil. It puts a protective barrier onto the skin to protect against toxins.

6. VIRGIN FARMS Double Care Fresh Gel and Cream. These are sets of samples. Full sized 100ml versions cost ($94)
These are aimed at tackling acne, redness, dryness and sensitivity. Again there is fermented glactomyces and baobab seed which give hydration and nutrition to the skin. Interested to do a trial on these. You are meant to use the gel first then the cream.

7. TONYMOLY Delight Tony Tint rED. Delux sample   1.5ml. Full sized 6ml costs ($4)
I wonder why they didn't give a full size for that price? To be honest I won't wear red but I have wanted to try some of the other shades so may buy some. I like tints and the brand always performs for me so it would have been nice to get a couple of the tiny samples in different colours.

Again a good box with nice product choices.


1. Banila Co Clean It Zero Original & Reservatol 7g x 2 each Full sized is 100ml ($24 each)
Both of these are amazing cleansers. I have the full size versions and these smaller ones are great for travel. They go on as a blam and turn to oil and remove even waterproof mascara. They contain acerola, papaya and herbal extracts. I have a few back ups as it's such an effective cleaner that also hydrates the skin, not leaving it tight or dry.

2. Enesti Yuzu Foaming Cleanser 120ml Full sized ($14)
Again a clenser this time a foaming one made from spring water and citrus extracts. This is meant to be used after a cleaning oil to remove last traces of make-up. It smells great but is quite drying so you need to make sure you get every last drop off.

3. A;T FOX Tea Tox Water Clear tablet 4g Fulls sized ($4)
I really don't get the purpose of this. It's a green tea bag with a tablet that makes the water PH 4.9 which is meant to be the ideal number. You put it in water then wait until it's dissolves and pat the skin with it. At first I thought you made it into a drink but no it's a kind of wash? I think if it was in a sterilsed container yoou could use it more than once.

4. Neogen Code 9 Glucose Skin Essence 250ml Full sized ($26)
I have used this before but didn't really see any benefits although it smells and feels good. It is made from naturally fermented gluscose. I suppose it's a toner/essence. It is meant to soothe and firm the skin. Although it says to wet a cotton pad I just spray it onto my face.

5. Mizon Cotton Shower Sheet Essence 55ml Full sized ($7)
These were randomly selected for dry and oily skin and I got dry which is good. This can be used to wipe over the skin or as a sheet mask. It has shea butter and witch hazel and it is little rectangle shaped patches that you can use on specific traget areas.

6. Charmzone Ginko Natural Cleansing Tissues 10 sheets Full sized is 70 sheets and costs ($15)
This is a pack of wipes enriched with nutrients from the Ginko tree. They are used as make up remover wipes. They are also gentle to the skin.

I like this box. It has a good mix of weird and effective products.


This is a superbox containing 5 full sized items, although number 4 is actually 2 items so you could say 6. This box celebrated the first year anniversary of Memebox, however I got it in a re-stock, here's the contents of the box:

1. Tosowoong Bee AC Control Lotion or Toner 100ml Full sized ($15)
I got the toner which is good as I have the lotion. I love Tosowoong and have tried this line before and this range is really good for sensitive or blemish prone skin.

2. Unni Recipe Makes Your Skin Smooth Firming Pact SPF25 Light Beige Full Sized 12g ($24)
I am currently using this cushion and the colour is good, when I first opened it I thought it was too orange but it applies differently to what it looks like. The only thing I don't like is the sponge as it's very rubbery but I have swapped it for an Etude House one and what a difference it makes.

3. AHC Whitening Cream SPF 35 30ml Full sized ($38)
I had all the serums in this range and swapped them but kept the miracle cream. I love this range for some items and not others, the serums contain quite a lot of alcohol. This cream contains niacinimide which I love for it's anti-ageing properties so I will be keeping this to try.

4. RiRe Cool Dr Scalp+ 10ml & Hot Speed Manicure 15ml Full sized ($11)
Both of these contain oriental medicinal ingredients, one is for cooling the scalp and preventing hair loss the other is for treatment, both are leave in products.

5. RiRe Capsule Mask Pack 75ml Full Sized (422)
There was a choice of 3 moisture, whitening and anti-ageing. I got anti-ageing which I'm delighte about as usually in randoms I end up with the ones I don't want. Again lots of good niacinimide in this spray on mask that can be applied and left on under make-up. A novel new way that I like.

This is a great box with good variety of products containing good ingredients.

Friday, 13 February 2015


Let's get the disclaimer out of the way. I was on a buying frenzy during the final re-stock before they stopped International sales, everything was selling out fast and I just grabbed what I could, a quick google, notice the abalone cream and straight to paypal. After I calmed down I thought I better actualy check what's in this box and fell over in creases to find The First Love Pack! For thos eof you unfamiliar with this, it is a twin pack of masks for the nether regions, one for males, one for females. A sheet mask for lady/man bits! Read on
So this box is meant to make you go huh and hmm and is a range of bizarre and brilliant products according to the card. It contains 6 full sized products:

1. Nadu Skin The First Love Pack - Lady Point Pack ($2) and Gentlemen Point Pack ($4)
OK so we have specially designed mask packs to fit the male and female Y Zone, apparently the most sensitive yet uncared for part of the body. Formulated with lavendar flower and moisturisers and designed to fit perfectly! who's perfectly were they modelled on? that's what I want to know. Apparently you place it over the Y Zone and leave for 15-30 mins for ladies and 5-10 mins for men!! This is too weird, however this is Valentines weekend so who know what will happen and at the price a cheap thrill!

2. Pureplus+ Cocoon Returning Toner 200ml Full Sized ($18)
So by cocoon I'm assuming something to do with silk worms. This toner comes packed with cocoon extracts, witch hazel and various vitamnins and is anti-ageing and also good for removing dead skin cells. I tried it and have to say it didn't dry me out so far so good.

3. ABALONE Crystal Double Ex Cream 50ml Full sized ($78)
I have no idea if this really would cost that much. It is the reason why I went for this box as I wanted to try it after hearing some favourable reviews. It's made with fermented abalone, black bean extract and watermelon extract. Fresh abalones from the Southern Coast of Korea are highly regognised as the King of Shellfish and their mucin contains minerals, proteins, amino acids and essential fatty acids to provide remarkable skin revitalising, wrinkle reducing, brightening and hydrating benefits.

4. Shara Shara Secret Magic Lipstick 3.5g   ($8) From a choice of 01 Sky to Pop Pink 02 Green to Pink and 03 Yellow to Mango
I ended up with 03 the yellow/orange version which I will definintely not use. These are the kind that change colour with the temparature of your lips. It is quite sheer but I'm just not an orange girl.

5. Dr MJ Moisture Bounce Aqua Memory BB SPF30 45g Full Sized ($46)
Quite a price for a BB Cream. However on swatching this has full coverage and I can probably make the colour work. So I suppose it's a big pot for the price.

6. Purebess Hot Styling Hair Fixer 8g Full sized ($16)
I can't work this one out. It's like a clear mascara really and I suppose it's for styling individual tiny sections of hair, perhaps a fringe? Apparently you use it to swipe away and style any loose hair for a 'stewardess' look whatever that means. A bit of a gimmick.

I really like everything in this box, even the weirdness of the First Love Pack, a good value bos=x with some nice items.