Saturday, 11 January 2014

Hot Cloth Cleansing

New Year New Skin, new everything.
Seems that the beginning of a new year always brings that sense of having to start afresh and what better way that a new cleansing system.
I have been meaning to stop using wipes for a long time and whilst they are handy if going away I know that all they really do is move the make up and grime around your face and can never really get really clean.
From now on I am using hot cloths whether muslin or simple face cloths the principle is the same.

Recently, I decided to try and go organic as possible. Remembering that in my home town of Wick we have the producers of the wonderful Organic Surge.
I have been ordering and using their products for a while now especially the heavenly  Sugared Almond Shower Gel an aromatic, silky delight.
I've bought quite a few of their bundles and thought it was time I tried out a couple of the cleansers, the ones I use are Gentle Cleansing Lotion Skin Perfecting Face Polish and Daily Care Face Wash I honestly can't choose the best between them as they are all so indulgent and leave me feeling so clean and fresh.
I top this off with one of three moisturisers that I use Blissful Daily Moisturiser Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser and Overnight Sensation Night Cream. I honest can not recommend these products enough and they are all extremely reasonably priced for being organic.

Now I know I'm meaning to be organic but curiosity got the better of me and whilst in Superdrug on a hair roller mission I noticed their Naturally Radiant range was on special and at £2.39 I took a punt on the Hot Cloth Cleanser having read much good things about it.
It comes in a box with a muslin cloth. Now years ago I use to use the predecessor of this range in particular the Radiance Balm and remembered how it used to brighten up my skin and had a gorgeous fresh scent, so this also made it's way into my basket Naturally Radiant Radiance Balm at £2.89. The price more than anything did it for me as if I didn't like it then it wasn't too much of a waste.
So I trialled it last night, my preferred method is to use a fair dollop and give it a good massage before wiping off with really hot water.
Now on cleaning performance I would rate it well, however I couldn't helped being annoyed about the new fragrance which I can only liken to men's shaving foam smell, how disappointing, I also notice that once my face was completely dry it felt tighter and a bit drier than my usual Organic Surges. I then put the balm on and whilst it does give a nice shine it goes nowhere near what I need from a balm. I will still use it all up for the sake of waste and I was impressed with the cloth but won't be buying it in future.
I still haven't tried the other two main players Liz Earle or No7 so they will have to wait until I have used up all my other cleansers first.

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