Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Lorac Mega Pro Palette

Never having owned anything by Lorac I was totally swept away in the hype and rush of getting my hands on such a limited edition. It sold out almost immediately and for some stroke of fate I got one on amazon.com. When I ordered it came through looking as if I had bought it as a gift for myself and the invoice said it was a gift to me from me! pretty weird.

There are 32 shades and 28 of them are new and from what I hear once stock is gone it's gone and won't be out again. So 16 mats and 16 shimmers. What attracted me to this palette were the plums and teals which are ideal for my green eyes.

I have to say I prefer the shimmers already even though I've only done 2 looks. The mats are fine on their own but when I tried to blend them they didn't perform as well as they should. My favourite shades so far are Mulberry, Smokey Topaz, Copper and Orchid. This palette will be getting a lot of loving over the winter.

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