Monday, 24 November 2014


This is my third memebox and so far they keep pleasing and surprising

The first thing to catch my eye had to be the foot peeling pack by Clean Foot, I have recently ordered the Tony Moly ones but waiting to for them to arrive so I'm intriuged, going to do a bit more research on them both before using them *have seen some pretty ugly pics of the effects*. But I will definately be using them at some point so will report back. I use foot socks all the time so this will be the next step *sorry not funny*

Milky Dress shampoo gets a thumbs up and has a lovely smell, looks like it will be good for my dyed hair so can't wait to give it a go. Mstar Malus Intensive Hair Treatment which I will be trying, doesn't say if you leave in or wash out but don't suppose it will matter, part of the fun of these boxes is that they don't always have clear instructions.

As soon as I unpacked the box I immediately thought of parma violet or oddfellow sweets and it comes from Nadu Skin Bathbooms, 4 tablet shaped coloured powdery bath bombs, infused with oils they claim to de-stress and I like how the instructions are full one for bath and half for foot bath.
One item I am still not exactly sure of it's purpose is the Swanicoco 100% Natural Healing Herb Pack, seems to be a 2 step process where you put it on a cloth and lather it with body wash. It's a powder inside the tub but I assume you need to provide your own body wash, if anyone wants to enlighten me feel free.

This box also contains Dermahouse Stretch care cream for use with stretchmarks from pregnancy etc so I will have to find another home for this. All in all a good box, only one thing I won't use that can be swapped out.

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