Monday, 24 November 2014


Memeboxes arriving thick and fast now! That's part of the intrigue I suppose, you order them without really knowing what is going to turn up unless you look at spoiler's (I don't) and they are bought so far in advance you forget they are coming, hence a glut of 4 all in one day.

This box is full of products designed to be used at night or maybe as a pamper. Another foot pack which is fine, I love them, never tried ReinPlatz so will be interesting to see how they compare to my usual brands.

A neck tightening cream, not sure on this one, they card says the skin on your neck is thinner than on your face hence why it sags so this Vella Neck Tight cream is anti-ageing and says it can be used elsewhere on the body. I will try this over next couple of weeks and report back.

There is also an eye cream packed with collagen and hyloronic acid *my 2 fave ingredients right now* but not only that it contains glacier water! how did they get that back to Korea I will never know, along with 7 different seaweed extracts.
2 Aloe Vera products, an all over body cream and a vaseline type pepperminty waxy cream, my only experience of alow vera is with sunburn so excited to try these.

The last product is a sleeping pack, again a collagen one. I like sleeping packs but have so many on the go that I may swap this one. Again not to shabby a box, if the next lot arrive as good as the ones I've received so far I can see me keep going with meme for a while.

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