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Cosmetic Brand Ownership Cosmetic Companies – Who Owns What?

Recently I did some research about cosmetic brands and was surprised to find Estee Lauder own Mac and it got me thinking I'd like to find out more about brand ownership. It was easy to find on company websites and from searches so I have brought it together and came up with these. It's not a definitive guide but this gives a good indication of the main players. As you can see the beauty industry is a real money maker. It is estimated to be worth 17 billion in the UK alone and even though we have been in recession it shows no sign of slowing down. My theory is that when times are tough people want to do things to cheer themselves up and what better way than putting on good make up or having a salon treatment.

Here's what I found so far:

Aerin - Founded by Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of Estee Lauder, Aerin is a premium beauty, fragrance and lifestyle brand.
Aramis - High end men's fragrance brand.
Aveda - Baotanical products sold and used in many salons and spas.
Bobbi Brown - Cosmetics brand founded by make-up artist Bobbi Brown, acquired by Estee Lauder in 1995.
Bumble and Bumble - Premium haircare brand.
Clinique - Dermatoligist created cosmetics brand founded in 1968, offering custom-fit skincare and makeup.
Coach - Premium clothing and fragrance line.
Darphin - Parisian-based cosmetics brand, used in many salons and spas.
Donna Karen - Clothing and fragrance line (DKNY), acquired in 1997.
Ermenegildo Zegna - Mens clothing and fragrance brand.
Estee Lauder - Premium cosmetics brand.
Flirt! - Cosmetics brand with a 'pretty' and 'flirty' image sold at Kohl's Department store.
Goodskin Labs - Premium skincare brand offering targeted clinical skincare.
Jo Malone - Fragrance and lifestyle brand.
Kiton - Fragrance brand.
La Mer - Luxury cosmetics brand with the famous 'Creme de la Mer'.
Lab Series Skincare forMen - 'High Tech' 'High Performance' is it's strap line
MAC - Affordable well know brand with a make up artist image.
Mami - Fragrance brand.
Michael Kors – Fashion and cosmetics. Bought by EL in 2003
Ojon - Natural hair care brand with oil and naturally derived products.
Origins - 'Powered by nature. Proven by science.' Hair care using natural ingredients.
Osiao - Luxury cosmetics brand using traditional Chinese medicine and ingredients, products made in Japan.
Prescriptives - Cosmetics offering 'customer colour'
Smashbox - Brand grew from Smashbox Studios; products tried and tested under studio lights and filming condtions.
Tom Ford - Popular high end cosmetics.
Tommy Hilfiger - Cosmetics and well known fragrance brand.
Tory Burch – Relatively new cosmetics and fragrance brand.

Hugely popular brands listed here in their portfolio making them one of the leaders of the industry.

Lancome - Well know brand sold in most department stores.
Giorgio Armani Beauty - High end cosmetics brand.
Yves Saint Laurent - Perfume brand well known for Paris and Opium.
Biotherm - Known for using aquatic ingredients.
Kiehl's - Cosmetics and skin care using natural products.
Ralph Lauren - Premium fragrance and cosmetics brand and now clothing.
Shu Uemura - High end Japanese cosmetics.
Cacharel - Around since the 1960's, specialised in the ready to wear concept of frangrances.
Helena Rubinstein - Aimed at anti-aging products.
Clarisonic - Cosmetics brand famed for their Clarisonic Cleansing Brush.
Diesel - Mens fragrance brand.
Viktor Rolf - Frangrances with a 'spectacular meets elegant' image.
Yue Sai - Chinese cosmetics brand.
Maison Martin Margiela - High end fragrance brand.
Guy Laroche - Fragrances around since 1957.
Paloma Picasso - Created by the daughter of the famous painter, started in fashion before moving onto perfume.
L'Oreal Paris - Affordable cosmetic and skin care.
Garnier - Widely available skin and hair care products.
Maybelline - Well know drug store make up.
Softsheen.Carso- Cosmetics aimed at those of African descent.
L'Oreal Professional - Haircare brand from L'Oreal Paris. Mythic oil is a cult favourite.
Kerastase Paris - Haircare brand.
Essie - Well know producers of nail polish.
Redken - Salon haircare brand.
Matrix - High end haircare brand used in professional settings.
Pureology - Haircare and colour brand.
Shu Uemura: Art of Hair - Haircare from Shu Uemura.
Mizani – Hair products for frizzy and curly hair.
Carita Paris - Prestige cosmetics.
Decleor Paris - Skincare brand used a lot in salons espeically for facials.
Vichy - Skincare well know in France.
La Roche-Posay - Brand with a scientific image.
SkinCeuticals - Premium cosmetics brand with a scientific image.
Inneov - Diet suppliments.
The Body Shop - Focussed on natural ingredients, highly perfumed,lots of bathing products.
Roger&Gallet - French cosmetics brand.
Sanoflore - Brand using essential oils aimed at sensitive skins.

Proctor & Gamble

Aussie - Mid end haircare brand focused on Australian culture and ingredients.
Avril Lavigne Fragrances – Celebrity fragrances.
Boss Black Fragrances – Well known fragrance brand.
Boss Orange Fragrance - Mid to high end fragrances brand.
Boss Skincare - Mid to high end skincare brand.
Christina Aguilera Fragrances – Celebrity fragrance range.
Dolce&Gabbana – High end cosmetics and fragrance brand.
Dunhill Fragrances - Fragrance brand.
Escada - Mid to high end fragrance brand.
Gucci Fragrances – Popular fragrance brand.
Head and Shoulders - Well know for anti-dandruff shampoos.
Herbal Essences - Everyday affordable haircare brand.
HUGO Fragrances - Fragrance brand.
Lacoste Fragrances - Popular men's fragrance brand.
Max Factor - Mid range make up.
Nice n' Easy - Drug store haircare brand.
Olay - Formerly known as 'Oil of Olay' or further back 'Oil of Ulay'. Popular brand.
Old Spice - Famous aftershave brand for men.
Pantene - Everyday well known haircare brand, know for Pro V range.
Perfect 10 - Drug store haircare and colour brand.
Rochas Fragrances - Affordable Fragrances
Sassoon (Wella) - Salon range of hair products.
Silvikrin - Brand used in salons. Think hairspray.
Sebastian Professional - Mid range haircare brand.
System Professional (Wella) – Drug store haircare brand.
SK-II - Luxury Japanese cosmetics brand used by many Japanese celebrities. Unusually owned by a western company.
Wella Professional Care & Style & Colour - Salon based haircare brand.

They may be small in terms of ownership but have 3 of probably the most effective targeted skin care ranges on offer.

Aveeno - Skin and haircare brand. It's famously known for oatmeal based lotions said to work wonders for excema.
Clean & Clear - Drug store range primarily for acne-prone and problem skin.
Neutrogena - Mid end cosmetics brand. Well known foundation that is very popular in USA.

I remember my mum wearing a cult favourite 'Coty L'aimant' perfume and forgot this brand existed. They are heavily weighted in the celebrity fragrance range.

Adidas – Drug store male fragrance brand.
Astor - Everday cosmetics brand.
Balenciaga - Fragrance brand. But also known for hand bags.
Beyonce - Popular celebrity ragrance brand.
Bottega Veneta - High end European fragrance brand.
Calvin Klein Fragrances - Well known and popular fragrance brand.
Celine Dion - Celebrity fragrances.
Cerruti - Mid to high end fragrance brand.
Chloe - Popular fragrance brand.
Chopard -Expensive fragrance brand.
CK One Color – Drug store cosmetics brand, commonly found in Poundland and cheap shops.
David Beckham Fragrances - Celebrity fragrance brand.
Davidoff - Mid end fragrance brand, Cool Water is well known and loved by many.
Enrique Inglesias - Celebrity fragrance brand.
Esprit - High end fragrance brand,
Guess – Drug store fragrance brand.
Halle Berry - Celebrity fragrance brand.
Jennifer Lopez - Celebrity fragrance brand.
Jil Sander - Everyday affordable fragrance brand.
Joop! - Low to mid end fragrance brand. Popular in the 80's/90's
Jovan - Drug store fragrance brand,
Kate Moss - Celebrity fragrance brand.
Katy Perry - Celebrity fragrance brand.
Lady Gaga - Celebrity fragrance brand.
Lancaster - Mid end fragrance brand.
Madonna - Celebrity fragrance brand.
Manhattan - Drug store brand popular in Europe.
Marc Jacobs - Widely popular fragrance brand. Think 'Daisy'
Miss Sporty - Cheap cosmetics brand found in places like Superdrug.
N.Y.C. (New York Colour) - Drug store affordable cosmetics brand.
Nautica - Mid end fragrance brand.
Nicole by OPI - Part of the OPI nailcare brand.
Nikos - Mid end fragrance brand.
OPI - Well known nailcare brand.
Philosophy - Expensive skin care brand.
Pierre Cardin - Fragrance brand.
Playboy - Celebrity style fragrance and cosmetics brand.
Rimmel - Popular affordable cosmetics brand.
Roberto Cavalli - Mid end fragrance brand.
Sally Hansen - Widely known and used nailcare brand.
Stetson - Fragrance brand.
Tim McGraw - Fragrance brand.
Tjoy - Skincare using traditional Chinese medicine ingredients.
Tonino Lamborghini - Fragrance brand.
Vera Wang - Mid to high end fragrance brand, hugely popular 'Princess' fragrance.
Vespa - Fragrance brand.
Vivienne Westwood - Fashion designer fragrance brand.

The famous luggage makers also own a few well known classic brands.

Christian Dior - Designed cosmetics and fashion brand with beautiful packaging and products.
Guerlain - Classic high end brand with many well known products such as Meteorites.
Givenchy – High end make up and fragrances.
Kenzo - Well known for their fragrance 'Flower by Kenzo'.
Benefit - Well known for their cute packaging appealing to a younger market.
Fresh - High end cosmetics brand.
Make Up For Ever - Professional make up range.
Acqua di Parma - Fragrance brand.
Loewe - Fragrance brand.
Fendi - Premium fragrance brand also handbags and accessories.
Nude - High end skincare.

Many brands they took over were re-branded into Revlon hence there are only a few names.

Almay - Drug store brand for sensitive skincare.
Charlie - An oldie but goodie, every teenage girl must know Red and Pink fragrances.
Mitchum - Classic deodrants especially their unscented ones.
Ultima II - Premium cosmetics brand.
Revlon - Low to mid end cosmetics brand.

Huge is the USA they own some really well known tried and tested names.

Dove - Hugely popular skin care range.
Axe/Lynx - Probably best known for men's deodrant.
Lux - At one time it was one of the few soap's you could buy in the UK.
Sunsilk - Think hairspray!
Pond's - The classic Pond's Cold Cream is a cult favourite.
Timotei - Mainly shampoo.
Radox - Bath products for soaking tired muscles.
Vaseline – Nobody's make up bag should be without this product.
Simple - Drug store fragrance free skin products.
Tresemme - Drug store hair care and electrical styling items.
VO5 - Mid end haircare brand.

Shiseido owns Nars and Bare Minerals alongside many well known Asian brands.

Shiseido - Premium Japanese cosmetics brand now popular in the west too.
Cle de Peau Beaute - High end cosmetics brand.
Bare Minerals - Famed for face products.
NARS - High end products with a professional make up artistry.
Za - Mid range Asian brand.
IPSA - Mid end Asian cosmetics brand.
Ettusais - Mid range Asian cosmetics brand.
D'icila - Mid to high end Asian cosmetics brand for mature skin.
Ayura - Mid end Asian cosmetics brand.
Soka Mocka - High end Asian brand aimed at natural product image.
Benefique - High end Asian make up.
D Program - Mid end Asian cosmetics brand.
Aupres - High end Asian cosmetics brand.
Urara - Premium Asian cosmetics brand.
Elixir Superieur - High end anti-ageing Asian skincare.
Elixir White - Asian brands with emphasis on whitening products.
Elixir Prior - Premium Asian skincare brand for anti-ageing.
Aqua Label - Asian brand focussed on moisturising ingredients.
Senka - Premium Japanese skincare brand.
Qiora - Asian products aimed at fragrance and skin.
Haku - Asian skincare brand relating to lightening and dark spots.
Revital Granas - Another Asian brand for mature skin.
The Ginza - Asian brand with emphasis on scientific research.
D-Q (Dermal Quotient) - Dermatological focus on skin care.
Pure&Mild - Asian skincare brand suitable for sensitive skins.
Pure&Mild SOI - Asian skincare brand famed for not using fragrances and alcohol.

It is surprising to learn who owns what and there are quite a few I had never heard of. Some people say that you can tell by the product formulation that some brands are similar when they are owned by the same companies. May go a way to explain why dupes are sought after. 

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