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Korean Cosmetic Brand List

Korean Cosmetic Brands

I'm a bit obsessed with Korean make up and skincare especially since I started getting into Memebox. I was doing an inventory of all my products at home and it struck me that there are loads of brands so I thought I would start a list. I went with the ones I own then a bit of research to add in more. Again this is by no way a definitive list. Most of the brands I have tried are from Memebox and the various Korean online shops and ebay sellers. This is a good place to start if your looking for some brand information or planning to start using Korean cosmetics.

Founded at the end of the second world war Amore Pacific is the leading cosmetic company in South Korea and brands can be found in 'Aritaum', a South Korean department store.

Amore Pacific Cosmetics: High end cosmetics brand.
Aritaum: Drug store brand with a department store with the same name.
Dantrol: Haircare brand specialising in anti dandruff shampoo, a bit like Head & Shoulders.
Etude House: Hugely popular affordable cosmetic brand with princessy products. Visiting an Etude House the staff address you as 'prince' and 'princess'. No. 1 best selling brand in Korea especially with young people.
Espoir: Mid range make-up brand.
Hannule/Hanyul: Oriental medicine skincare brand.
Happy Bath: Drug store skincare brand.
Hera: Mid range cosmetic brand, named after the Greek goddess Hera. Amore Pacific's first ever cosmetic brand.
Hyosiah/Hyosia: Oriental medicine cosmetic brand that boasts their 3000 year old secret/knowledge of Asian fermented beans.
Illi: Herbal medicine skin care brand.
Innisfree: Nature brand specialising in ingredients from Jeju Island, an island off the coast of South Korea.
IOPE: High end cosmetic brand, like to use science to their advantage.
Laneige: Fairly high end cosmetic brand, 'Laneige' means 'snow of nature'.
Lirikos: French inspired brand specialising in marine ingredients such as deep sea water, marine collagen, etc. Also known as La Mer. (Creme de la mer anyone)
Lolita Lempicka: Mid range fragrance brand with a dark but cute image similar to Holika Holika.
Mamonde: Drug store cosmetic brand.
Median: Drug store oral care brand.
Mirepa/Miraepa: Drug store male skincare brand.
Mise-en-Scene: Mid range haircare brand.
Odyssey: Mid range skincare brand for men. The South Korean men's beauty market is the biggest in the world.
Primera: Drug store cosmetic brand.
Ryeo/Ryoe: Oriental medicine haircare brand.
Sulwhasoo: The original Oriental medicine skincare brand with high end price tags.'Sulwhasoo' means 'snow flower' in Korean. The best selling Korean cosmetic brand in history with its' famous First Care Serum one of the best sellers.
TeenClear: Drug store hypo-allergenic formulas for teenage skin troubles.
Verite: Mid range cosmetics.

You may be more familiar with LG as a maker of TV's but they also own a number of cosmetic companies, as do Samsung.They go under the name LG Care. LG meaning Life's Good.

Belif: Mid range skincare for teenage skin concerns.
Beyond: Mid range natural cosmetic brand.
Carezone: Mid range skincare for teenage skin concerns that uses 'Lipozone' and deep sea water for their calming properties.
Cathy Cat: Mid range make up with a hip New York vibe.
The Face Shop: Drug store natural cosmetic range using ingredients such as flowers, fruit, vegetables. Has loads of stores and is celebrity endorsed.
The History of Whoo: Designer Oriental medicine cosmetic brand that competes with Amore Pacific's Sulwhasoo.
Isa Knox: High end cosmetic brand. Isa means beautiful and knox means night in European languages.
Lacvert: Mid end cosmetic brand; Meaning green lake in French The brand model is Kim Yeon-Ah and they target the adult market.
LG Care: LG's main cosmetic brand, drug store price-wise
MULE: Mid to high end make-up brand created by Jung Saem Mool, a Korean make-up artist.
O HUI: High end cosmetic brand, their brand concept is 'when nature and science meet' famous products include Original Energy 100 and Intensive Sunblock Cake.
Re-en: Oriental medicine haircare brand that competes with rival Amore Pacific's Ryeo.
Sooryehan: Oriental medicine cosmetic brand similar to Amore Pacific's Hannule.
SU:M3: Fermented cosmetics brand. Famous for SU:M Secret Programming Essence.
VDL: Drug store make-up brand.
Vonin: Mid range men's cosmetic brand.
VOV: Drug store priced cosmetic brand.

Trading since 1988, their motto is 'Art through nature'. Using natural products and extracts many of them they have patented. Coreana is one of the Top 30 cosmetic companies in the world.

Bichigain: Oriental medicine skincare brand specialising in ingredients such as 'ganoderma lucidum', chilhwa water, birch tree sap ('bichigain' in Korean) and 10 year old wild ginseng.
Biodefense: High end cosmetic brand split into two sub-brands: BIO+DEFENSE for troubled/sensitive skin and BIO-SYSTEM for environmental protection.
Bi Hui Gai In: Oriental medicine brand.
Colourplay: Mid end make-up brand.
Coreana Cosmetics: Mid range cosmetic brand that won A best selling company for many years.
Edgefit: Make-up brand that uses a cute pink imagagery similar to Etude House. Their 'Heart Filler Face Cream' is their bestseller aimed at people looking for a more toned, smaller,attractive face!
Entia Global: Affordable cosmetic brand specialising in fruit and plant extracts.
Essential Extra: Mid range cosmetic brand that use essential oils in their products.
Lavida: Brand specialising in fermentation processes.
Locomotion: Mid range men's cosmetic brand using 'phytoncide content..
Nokdu: Mid end cosmetic brand that specialise in using mung beans (nokdu) in their products.
Noni Sangji: Cosmetic brand that uses extracts from the noni fruit and sanji tree branch extract.
Senite: Mid end cosmetic brand. Bestseller: Polynesian Intensive Cream, nicknamed 'mochi skin cream' in Japan.
Ten Seconds: Mid range make-up brand with a pro feel to it. Their concept is about being able to change your look in 10 seconds, like catwalk models do. Well known items are Sheer Lip Stain and Waterproof 3-in-1 Eyeliner.
Zain: Mid range cosmetic brand featuring Magnolia flower extract, Longan fruit extract and 'cheonjungkibodan', a mixture of 7 different herbal medicines.
Independent Make-up Brands

Aery Jo: Mid range brand.
Ani Place: Drug store make-up brand
Banila Co.: Mid range make-up brand a bit like Benefit in style.
Clio: Affordable but good quality brand. 'Clio' means 'praise' in Greek.
Cosam: Nail art brand selling pretty nail stickers and charms . Their range is unique.
Clamue: Pretty range of affordable products.
Chosungah: The brainchild of Korean make-up artist Cho Sung-Ah. Brand concept: 'With our 22 years of experience, we can make you look like you're just 22!'
Escada: Mid range make-up brand.
Hope Girl: Drug store make-up brand using leopard print style.
Han Kyeong Hee: Mid range make-up brand with products in sets with refills.
Kemuel: Mid end make-up brand. Brand concept: Kemuel's (an angel) temptation - the reason why I glow!
Peripera: Drug store type cute brand.
Jadilla J: Mid range brand who's concept is 'like a make-up artist's touch for everyone'
Cosline Prielry: Drug store type brand.
Scandal: Affordable range of make-up.

Independent Skincare Brands

A.C. Care: Specialises in skin treatments for problematic skin.
Beauty Credit: Drug store skincare brand.
CNP: Mid end skincare brand.
Dermal: Cheap sheet mask brand.
Ja Seng Su: Cheap sheet mask brand. 'Ja seng su' means 'beauty born by itself' in Korean.
Jayeonmaeul: Organic mask packs.
Leaders Clinic: Mid range sheet masks.
Mediheal: Cheap sheet masks brand for sensitive skin.
MJ Care: Eco-friendly sheet mask brand.
Point: Drug store skincare brand specialising in cleansing with organic and raw ingredients.
CJ Lion: Drug store products.
Songwol: Sells cheap face towels.
Green Wonil: Skincare and oral hygiene productss.
Dr. MJ: Mid to high end skincare.
Foodaholic: Mid range sheet mask brand.
Aromatica: Mid range organic skincare & aromatherapy brand famed for environmental friendly approaches.
Be The Skin: Herbal skincare brand.
Caolion: Affordable natural skincare.
Miracosmetic: Drugstore brand that uses essential oils in its' range.
Zamian/Jamian: Mid range skincare brand with its' well known Gold Cacao Pack Mask.

Some other Cosmetic Brands

Ameli: Mid range cosmetic brand.
Apieu: Affordable everyday cosmetic brand that means 'first' in English and 'basic' in French.
Atopalm: Produces products for skin troubles.
A3F[ON]: Mid end cosmetic brand.
Bornskin: Cheap cosmetic brand.
BRTC: Mid to high range products using natural ingredients such as flower and plant extracts.
Charm Zone: Mid range cosmetic brand.
COOGI: Quite high end brand.
Danahan:Oriental medicine cosmetic brand famous for Red Clay Cleansing Cream.
Dr. Jart+: Mid range cosmetic brand.
Donginbi: High end organic cosmetic brand that uses 6 year old red ginseng and herbal ingredients.
Dr. Pharm: Drug store range of products blending science with skincare. It uses Syn-ake extract, a synthetic snake venom-like ingredient good for anti-wrinkle treatment similar to snail mucin.
Elisha Coy: Mid end cosmetic brand.
Elicina: Specialising in Chilean snail mucin ingredients.
Enature: Brand featuring 'plant growth cell extracts'
Enprani: Well know mid range brand.
ESMEDIC: Brand for skin products to tackle sensitive skin.
Hanskin: Mid end cosmetic brand best known for its' BB cream.
Goeunsenag: Expensive cosmetic brand.
Gaeam Food: Mid range brand well known for Bamboo Salt, a multi-purpose product that can be used as a wash or scrub.
Holika Holika: A very well known brand. 'Holika Holika' is a magic spell to make you more beautiful. It has anumber of best selling items such as the Magic Wand Mascara.
IPKN: Affordable cosmetic brand. IPKN stands for 'Independent Professional Korean New Yorker'
Imselene: Drug store range that uses extra virgin olive oil as its' main ingredient.
IASO: Mid range brand who's concept seems to be 'You don't have to be perfect.
isoi: High end organic & natural cosmetic brand.
It's Skin: Affordable and popular cosmetic brand created by a dermatologists with the bestselling Snail Mucus Extract line.
Jaminkyung: Affordable everyday cosmetic brand with the strap line 'Doing well-bing'. They also use snail mucin.
Kameria: Drug store type cosmetic brand.
Kelly Water: Natural range.
Kwailnara/Gwailnara: Natural range.
L'Egere: Mid range cosmetic brand.
Lotree: Mid end cosmetic brand with purple butterfly imagery.
Lioele: Affordable cosmetic brand with a princessy theme.
Llang: Specialises in 6 year old red ginseng!
Lalavesi: Mid range funky, pop are type imagery.
Lisange: High end range.
Missha: Popular cosmetic brand that started on a website called '', with stores all over Asia and in New York. A well known products is its' Perfect Cover BB Cream.
Mizon: Mid end cosmetic brand known for Watermax Aqua Gel Cream and Snail Essence line.
Mora Savina: High end cosmetic brand.
Nature Republic: Natural brand incorporating ingredients such as hibiscus flower and aloe vera.
Neogen: Mid end cosmetic brand.
Organia: Drug store organic natural cosmetic line specialising in ingredients such as shea butter and olive oil.
OGANIC: Organic cosmetic brand.
Ponds: Affordable cosmetic brand.
Puretem: Organic brand that uses mainly aloe vera.
Re:NK: Drug store brand.
Rita Rove W: Mid end cosmetic brand with lovely purple and silver packaging.
Rosee: Cosmetic brand specialising in aloe vera products.
Sanshim/Sansam: Oriental medicine cosmetic brand featuring 110 year old Sansam and using 'special technology'.
SCINIC: Mid end cosmetic brand.
So Natural: Affordable natural brand.
Secret Key: Affordable well established cosmetic brand that features a lot of snail mucin and syn-ake.
Serazena: Brand that associates itself with Western philosophies and ingredients such as 'nanotechnology of bio-collagen' and plant stem cells.
SipJangSaeng: Drug store brand featuring 110 year old wild ginseng.
Skincure: Mid end natural brand, a more upmarket version of Skinfood. Uses ingredients form Jeju Island and some unknown ones such as Sandawha, Noste, Stemcello and Daunbee.
Skinfood: Affordable natural brand featuring food as their main ingredients such as rice, milk, avocado, tomato. Know for its' Black Sugar Wash-Off Mask and Peach Sake line among others.
Skin79: Famous for their BB creams especially the Hot Pink BB Cream.
Skylake: Herbal cosmetic brand uuusing ingredients such mulberry, skullcap, wormwood, etc.
Songak: Unisex brand.
Sua Young: High end cosmetics often used in salons and spa's.
Tears: Lesser known affordable range.
The Saem: Drug store line. Its' meaning seems to be the 'the spring water (saem) of beauty'.
Tony Moly: Affordable everday cosmetic brand. Famed for its' Appletox cream.
Too cool for school: Drug store mid end cosmetic brand with a cute imagery, one of its' best items is the Pudding Aqua Shaking BB cream,
Yadah: Cheap natural cosmetic brand.
Y.E.T.: Cheap cosmetic brand. Y.E.T. stands for 'Yes! Enjoy Time!'.
Yuhwayeon Jinhyo: High end Oriental medicine brand.
Zeniswell: Eco-friendly cosmetic brand.

So it is easy to see why the beauty industry is so big in South Korea. The lists are endless, I came accross loads more that I haven't included.

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