Tuesday, 30 December 2014


It seems all the holiday boxes are coming with links to online cards rather then physical ones.
This is yet another box I was happy to open and see the contents. One minor irritation was the ReRi Patting water had leaked, not by much but all they needed to do really was put a seal on the bottle. They very quickly responed to my email with 4 points so well done Memebox.
These sheet masks are both adorable and a bit scary at the same time, doesn't she look sad!They are by the brand Velieve which I have never heard of but all 3 are really suitable for my skin and I can't wait to try the honey. The other one is Q10 but I've never tried any of those type before so will have to research it first.
Next up is a 100ml tub of Esthetic House Collagen Jelly Pack, again Collagen is a must for me and even though it's pig collagen I am Ok about using it since it's a by product anyway. This box also includes a box of 4 Lassie'el yoghurt masks. I love these little capsule type masks and these have gone straight in the fridge so lets hope nobody tries to eat them! Continuing with this theme are 2 Puresmile capsules, one with royal jelly and the other is the Jewellery Bubble Ruby which seems to have particles of ruby in with hyaluronic, royal jelly and Vit E among other ingredients. I will try them soon.
Lastly is the famous patting water. I got the pink one which is for moisture so again this box could have been written for my skin type. This is meant to be added to a bowl of water and used to splash over the face. I won't be doing that. I am going to add mine to sprays and mists and use it as a refresher.
I am delighted with this box and so happy with everything it contains. I deliberately don't look at spoiler or unboxings until after I receive mine as I like the element of surprise and this box didn't let me down.

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