Saturday, 20 December 2014

Memebox Special #69 My Pouch Essentials

What's in your make up pouch? Bursting with daily beauty essentials, no more lugging around heavy make up bags, perfect touch ups throughout the day!
You get the picture, this box is offering just enough to keep you going on your travels. Would I call them essentials, probably not, the only two things I always carry with me are hand cream and lip balm. Is this a box to wow me, no not really but I do like a couple of the products..
For being a special box I have to say I was a bit meh when I opened it, it's saving grace was that instead of the usual weird random colours in make up boxes I actually got wearable shades.

Hanskin Bio Origin Royal Ampoule BB with SPF 30 was the first thing I tried. Royal for royal jelly, ampoule I'm guessing due to the dropper bottle? This has zero coverage as a BB and quite shiny on me, guess I'd compare it more to a primer. I did put foundation on top but even then I couldn't really see any major effect.
On the other hand, (excuse the lameness of that) the hand cream from Kwailnara is great, it's buttery but not greasy and melted into my hands. I have builders hands! not really, but living in a very cold place they just suck up noisture and I like this cream, it's got a nice understated muskiness to it so not sickly at all.
Never tried Tony Moly concealer before but I do like Appletox but who doesn't. There are 2 of their products in the box, concealer and an eye crayon. I got natural beige, so it's perfrect for me. I used this under my eyes. Firstly, it's thick and creamy and blended really well but on the downside it highlighted too many imperfections. I covered it with my usual Mac powder but even then I wasn't that struck on it. I liked the coverage so will play about with it more. The eyestick I really love, have two more of these so knew what to expect. They are great as an all over base, can be blended and take powder on top of them well, they also don't crease much on me.
I have another Rosemine Vit E lip blam that I've used a couple of times that has a more vanilla foody  taste to it but this one is floral and I don't cope well with perfumey scents on my lips so will swap this one out.
Witch's Pouch, hmm not convinced! for a start what does the brand name say about it, something an old crone would carry her spell book around in? I got a coral colour which I'm not against but it's a tiny little thing that I'd never find again in my pouch so whatever....
All in all not the best effort I've seen, luckily I got a big reduction on this one or I would be mad as it isn't shouting out at me.

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