Wednesday, 3 December 2014

MEMEBOX Special #61 Volume Up

Have to admit when I think of volume I think of hair so was surprised by the contents of this box..

First thing I picked out was the 803 Cream and what did I get but the breast one, now the card says each of these, choice of breast or hips is designed to target different parts of the face, then goes on to say apply to the targetted areas of the body, There is also a wrinkle cream version of this which I have bought from someone so will wait and see the difference. I am happy to have this cream and will put it to good use this party season. Love the retro girl in glasses design!

Of course volume would include a hair product Mise En Scene 2X Curling Essence is an adorable leave in conditioner, it won't replace my Silk Scarf ones but I would buy this again if I happen accross it.

Naturally the box has a Enesti Ultra Volume Mascara, very impressed by this Enesti is a great brand. I'm not opeing it as have so many opened just now but by the look of the card the curved wand appeals to me.

2 lip plumping products Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Plumper in 02 Hoot Mint, whilst I love mint not sure if I can deal with the sparkle effect of the liquid. Also Pureplus+ Lip Treatment Milk Bebe to add to the Honey one in the Dry/Sensitive box, again pack with collagen so thumbs up lip plump from me, will use this when I do my lip exfoliating.

Mizon Water Volume Aqua Gel Cream, yet another product enriched with Arctic glacial water, I love this concept, arctic water being pumped back to Korean makes me laugh. Ok not so dramatic but I really enjoy these sort of things, I will probably use this one as a toner.

The last thing I picked out I won't use, it will be a stocking stuffer Shara Shara Glitter Pearl Powder WHO1 Snow White, at my age I don't even contemplate highlighting with such a shiny powder round my eyes.

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