Saturday, 20 December 2014

Memebox Luckybox #11

According to the info card this box is packed with the top rated and best selling products in K-Beauty history! That's a big statement to make. Is it true, I have no way of knowing.
This box also came with an email telling me the Cheek Room Lip Balm had been replaced by YET ANOTHER Revecen PURPLE foundation! That put me off straight away.
Here's what's in the box.
6 Products so guess it was a special box if that's right, can't exactly remember the difference between those and normal boxes.
I got two doubles in this box the dreaded purple stuff and the Yeon Jeju Hallabong Serum which I don't mind so much. I actually really like anything Jeju and I do use this stuff plus anything with Vit C and I'm happy, quite like using this in the morning and it's really refreshing when you have a hangover!
I was quite keen to try Too Cool For School as I've heard good stuff about them so McGirly Good Morning Rice Wash can go in my hangover kit too (I honestly don't drink that much but at this time of year you can never be too careful) why McGirly though, the Scottishness coming out there?
Miss En Scene Perfect Repair Treatment Pack suits me down to a tee. Love hair products so happy to slather it on and wrap my hair up for a while and see what happens. This has a very nice mature scent for a Korean hair product.
Okay bling bling is not my thing! so not sure about Dr G Bling Bling Cream, suppose it's a shiny BB cream? However! can I say anything excites me about this? Yes, two words, Hyaluronic and Rose and on that basis I will give this stuff a good fair trial before dismissing it. I'm getting quite a BB stash so I am going to have do some trials and a write up soon.
Revecen. I am not even going to talk about.
SoyBIO+ Fermented Lumpoule, the title alone reminds me of those rotten hundred year old eggs that are meant to be a delicacy. So 'lump' and 'ampule' combined gives us an ampoule made from a lump of fermented soya bean, tasty! These are so little 5ml that instead of the recommended 2-3 drops I'm going to use a whole one on one of those dry face mask sheets. I bought a pack of these a while ago and have been meaning to make up my own solutions for them so reckon this was made for the job!
Luckybox? eh maybe, not totally but it's ok. If I ever see anohter one of those puple pots again though I won't be held responsible for my actions. Come on Memebox, even a different colour would be bearable!

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