Monday, 8 December 2014


I can't stop looking at the contents of this box, not only is it a well filled one but full of the most unusual items and quirky bits.
No card this time, not sure if that's another indication that MEMEBOX are shutting up shop on the box side of the business, instead a link which I have been unable to get working, this link is also meant to have a promo code.

What's cool in this box well for starters these Night Miracles

They are packaged up to look like an egg and a mango and the pack splits in two to reveal what looks like the egg yolk and mango stone. They come with very cute tiny scoops that you mix the cream and serum together to create your own sleeping pack. Tres chic!
How about this for a bottle of serum, Hologram Collection Active Gen Serum claims to firm the skin with crystal emulsion and twisted nourishing essence, pass me the kryptonite.....

The Green Tea Seed Magic Balm smells fresh, the only english on it says it helps hydrate the skin whilst the Dr MJ Moisture Bounce Collagen capsule cream is for sensitive and tired skin which will come in handy at this time of year. The box also contains a hydro gel MemeMask and a pack of 6 Blithe Patting Water Pack in Yellow Citrus and Honey, Green Tea and Purple Beryy.

Not including a card is a bit of a pain as info is limited to a few bits of english on the packaging but that aside this is a brilliant box and the best one for me so far. I'm not that bothered if they stop doing boxes as I'm already widely buying from a variety of internet shops now but if they get exclusive products that may draw the buyers in especially if we will be seeing things such as these.

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