Sunday, 21 December 2014

Memebox Elizavecca Holiday Set

During the Memebox drought they brought out some holiday sets and I ordered a couple. The first to arrive is this one - Elizavecca. Have heard good things about them before especially the Bubble Mask which I have on order. If I like a brand I try to get a few things from them to try.One thing I'm glad about is they didn't include the pore cleansing foam with the spider extract!

The Milky Piggy range is so cute! In this set there is a 3 step black head solution, not used it yet but it seems to be 2 liquid formulas then ending in the patches. I don't really suffer from blackheads as such but it will be a good pore cleansing treatment.

The Hydro-gel Bouncy Eye Patches are great, love gel masks and these are just as good, there's 20 of them so 10 uses which is not bad. I put mine in the fridge first and wear them in a hot bath.

The Glutinous mask has 80% snail cream so can't go wrong there. I'm waiting for the other carbonated one to arrive as I want to do a comparison test with this, the carbonated and the Collagen Coating Ion Injection which is also in this set, it's full of mud and charcoal, something I don't normally choose as I always think mud is drying.

All in all a good set made better by the price as I was able to use points and codes.

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