Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Memebox Colorbox #6 Pastel Hues

A box full of Revecen makes me nervous! I keep getting purple foundation from them and once again more of the stuff, this time in Light Yellow. I think the idea of these are as colour correcting under normal foundation. The one colour that eludes me is green, the one that would work with my ruddy cheeks!
Revecen make pro make up from what I gather and the products are quite pigmented.
Again being a value box there are 4 full size items. The yellow foundation, a Pearl Turquoise eye shadow which I have to say I do like, green is fine for green eyes. The other eye product is Perfect Star Powder in 08 Yellow, why oh why could it not be the Ivory one? Does anyone ever get the shades they want or is it Memebox way of supporting all the FB swapping pages!
The lip gloss is a peach colour that may be ok but in all honest I will swap this out.

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