Tuesday, 30 December 2014


I wasn't expecting this box for a while so was surpised it arrived so soon. Actually I'm not really as the tracking and delivery of boxes seems to be a bit haywire over the festive season.
It's a nicely packed box with 7 items.
First thing I picked out was from Elizavecca, one of my current favourite brands. This time it's Shrink Lifting RPro a lotion that claims to shrink your calves! I really don't believe that for a minute but I do think it will be like a leg cooling gel. I'm not wowed by this but I do get sore calves from walking so will use it at some point.

Next is the first of 2 things I have just bought this week from sellers on FB. I need to stop doing that as it's happened a couple of times recently and it seems they got their boxes before me, then put them up for sale and mine arrives a few days later (that's what I get for avoiding spoilers). Anyway I'm ok about this as it's a Hair+ Velvet Nutri Injection. A one time use blast of goodness for hair. I love hair products anyway so this will be used. I am currently working my way through a tub of Etude House Silk Scarf which is amazing.

There are 2 blackhead products in this box ReRi Style Black Head Brush Cleanser and Blackhead pore closing Serum. I don't suffer from blackheads so not sure how I feel about these. The cleanser has a soft brush head so I think it's meant to be used first then the pore closing serum. I do have some open pores so may try it to see.
The other 3 products do excite me. First the Vitamin Mist, this is the other thing I have just bought from a seller. However I can see me keeping and using both. It has a lovely smell and feel to it, the only down side is the spray nozzle isn't very fine and kind of showers you so I've been putting some on my hand and patting it on. I may top this up with some of the RiRe patting water.

Mizon Snail Recovery Gel. I like Mizon as a brand especially their Collagen and Hyaluronic Serums so again anything with snail gets my vote.

Lastly Del Skin Centella 90 Power Ampoule. I know ampoules are meant to be a stronger version of a serum but the size of this bottle has me thinking of it in terms of a serum or essence.

So Global 16 was a great box for me and nicely jam packed with good sized product.

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