Tuesday, 3 February 2015


I had hoped for some wonder cure here and whilst there are some good products here I think this box could have been taken to a whole new level, it is still a good box but just not wowing me. Here is a run down of it's contents and a few thoughts:

1. BORY Wrinkle Repair Serum 50ml Full Sized ($48)
This is probably my favourite item in here. BORY have recently made an appearance and are a professional brand, by that I think they are aimed at people working in the beauty industry. I own 3 other products in this range and have used them for about a week now and so far I have had good results. This serum has EGF which boosts collagen production and Acetyl Hexa Peptide which mimicks botox. I use Toosowong Syn-ake products too so will be interesting to see if this feels the same on the skin.

2. ESTHETIC HOUSE Collagen Herb Complex Eye Cream 100ml Full Sized ($42)
Another eye cream with key ingredients of marine collagen, herbal complex and adenosine. Although it is marketed as for the yes it can be used on the brow and round the mouth too so maybe a good job as it's a huge tube.

3. ENESTI Day to Day Pomegranite Acerola Foaming Cleanser 160g Full Sized ($14)
I love the ENESTI oatmeal cleanser, I find they really get my mascara off after a night out and it does feel drying or tight after. This one seems to be the same but a different scent.

4. PURESMILE Mask 5 Pack Box Full Sized ($6)
For cheap masks you can't go wrong with Puresmile. I have used them many times and they have plenty of essence and fit my face well without having to cut into them with a scissors. This pack has one each of ginseng, pearl, bee venom, snail and vitamin so a good selection and new ones to me, mostly I have fruity ones.

5. TOSOWOONG Snail Natural Pure Cream Full Sized 45ml ($26)
Love Tosowoong as a brand use lots of their products. I have the lotion version of this cream and they contain 2 ingredients my skin likes snail and galactomyces.

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