Friday, 13 February 2015


Let's get the disclaimer out of the way. I was on a buying frenzy during the final re-stock before they stopped International sales, everything was selling out fast and I just grabbed what I could, a quick google, notice the abalone cream and straight to paypal. After I calmed down I thought I better actualy check what's in this box and fell over in creases to find The First Love Pack! For thos eof you unfamiliar with this, it is a twin pack of masks for the nether regions, one for males, one for females. A sheet mask for lady/man bits! Read on
So this box is meant to make you go huh and hmm and is a range of bizarre and brilliant products according to the card. It contains 6 full sized products:

1. Nadu Skin The First Love Pack - Lady Point Pack ($2) and Gentlemen Point Pack ($4)
OK so we have specially designed mask packs to fit the male and female Y Zone, apparently the most sensitive yet uncared for part of the body. Formulated with lavendar flower and moisturisers and designed to fit perfectly! who's perfectly were they modelled on? that's what I want to know. Apparently you place it over the Y Zone and leave for 15-30 mins for ladies and 5-10 mins for men!! This is too weird, however this is Valentines weekend so who know what will happen and at the price a cheap thrill!

2. Pureplus+ Cocoon Returning Toner 200ml Full Sized ($18)
So by cocoon I'm assuming something to do with silk worms. This toner comes packed with cocoon extracts, witch hazel and various vitamnins and is anti-ageing and also good for removing dead skin cells. I tried it and have to say it didn't dry me out so far so good.

3. ABALONE Crystal Double Ex Cream 50ml Full sized ($78)
I have no idea if this really would cost that much. It is the reason why I went for this box as I wanted to try it after hearing some favourable reviews. It's made with fermented abalone, black bean extract and watermelon extract. Fresh abalones from the Southern Coast of Korea are highly regognised as the King of Shellfish and their mucin contains minerals, proteins, amino acids and essential fatty acids to provide remarkable skin revitalising, wrinkle reducing, brightening and hydrating benefits.

4. Shara Shara Secret Magic Lipstick 3.5g   ($8) From a choice of 01 Sky to Pop Pink 02 Green to Pink and 03 Yellow to Mango
I ended up with 03 the yellow/orange version which I will definintely not use. These are the kind that change colour with the temparature of your lips. It is quite sheer but I'm just not an orange girl.

5. Dr MJ Moisture Bounce Aqua Memory BB SPF30 45g Full Sized ($46)
Quite a price for a BB Cream. However on swatching this has full coverage and I can probably make the colour work. So I suppose it's a big pot for the price.

6. Purebess Hot Styling Hair Fixer 8g Full sized ($16)
I can't work this one out. It's like a clear mascara really and I suppose it's for styling individual tiny sections of hair, perhaps a fringe? Apparently you use it to swipe away and style any loose hair for a 'stewardess' look whatever that means. A bit of a gimmick.

I really like everything in this box, even the weirdness of the First Love Pack, a good value bos=x with some nice items.

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