Wednesday, 18 February 2015


This was one of the last new boxes I was able to get before they stopped international shipping. It was billed as up and coming beauty trends.
1. RIMBI Powerful Treatment Essence 125ml Full sized ($34)
This has 85% Galactomyces which I love already. I use that all the time in a pure form and it is brilliant for dry skin. Galactomyces helps with skin renewal. This product claims that with daily application it will brighten and hydrate the skin plus diminish the look and size of wrinkles. I am going to do a 2 week trial to compare it with some other products.

2. W.Lab 3P+CO2 Pore Crown Pack Delux Sample.
This is a a butterfly blackhead sheet pad with a syringe full of gel that contains 6 applications. It has a fizzy carbonated formula so I am expecting bubbling. You put some of the gel onto the pad so it's like creating your own sheet mask.

3. SECRETKEY Perfume Peeling Body Scrub 200g Full Sized ($24)
These were a random pick from fun and fruit or clean and soft. I got clean and soft and it smells very floral but nice and not overpowering. Although it's a body scrub the instructions say face but I will probably use it in the shower. It reminds me of the amethyst scrub.

4. SUR Nail Poilsh Full sized ($60)
Again a random from red, purple and gold. I got red which I don't wear so will swap this out. I have a lot of Korean nail varnish and have to say they are usually long lasting and don't chip but the colour selections are often strange. Coverage is good with very opaque one coat applications.

5. FERFREE Ultra Facial Intense Hydration Cream 50ml Full sized ($16)
Never come across this brand before. It claims 24 hour hydration so I am expecting sticky consistency. I actually like this sort of thing if I'm not going anywhere and going make-up free. It has 'squalene' formula which I have never heard of and also olive oil. It puts a protective barrier onto the skin to protect against toxins.

6. VIRGIN FARMS Double Care Fresh Gel and Cream. These are sets of samples. Full sized 100ml versions cost ($94)
These are aimed at tackling acne, redness, dryness and sensitivity. Again there is fermented glactomyces and baobab seed which give hydration and nutrition to the skin. Interested to do a trial on these. You are meant to use the gel first then the cream.

7. TONYMOLY Delight Tony Tint rED. Delux sample   1.5ml. Full sized 6ml costs ($4)
I wonder why they didn't give a full size for that price? To be honest I won't wear red but I have wanted to try some of the other shades so may buy some. I like tints and the brand always performs for me so it would have been nice to get a couple of the tiny samples in different colours.

Again a good box with nice product choices.

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