Monday, 2 February 2015


Again another good box. I like Lucky boxes as they usually contain a couple of stand out products. Here's the contents of the box:

1. SHARA SHARA Tempting Avacado Chocolate Massage Cream 100ml Full sized ($11)
I have used this before and the smell is amazing, it's a mix of avacado oil, cocoa and banana extract. You rub it all over your face for about 5 minutes then rinse and it's a lovely treatment for a spa night.

2. YADAH Anti-T Spot Cream 15g Full Sized ($15)
Yaddah is a good brand and their cleansers work well however I don't get spots so won't use this at all. It contains lots of herby ingredients and aloe vera.

3. LASSIE'EL Night Miracle Sleeping Packs 15g Full sized ($6)
These are adorable to look at and I now have the ful set, avacado, egg, mango and pearl shell. Again another product that is not easily available. I've not used any yet as they are too cute!

4. MISE EN SCENE Perfect Serun 70ml Full Sized ($9)
I love the conditioner treatment from this range and have 4 tubes of it and will buy it again, I love L'oreal Mythic Oil too and think this will be similar. It contains 7 different oils - argan, camelia, olive, jojoba, coconut, apricot and marula. It can be used on wet or dry hair which is always a bonus.

5. DR MJ Moisture Bounce Collagen Capsule Cream 50g Full sized ($54)
I have one of these already but haven't used it yet but I have used a couple of the eye creams and really like them. I like this brand and it would seem this is an expensive cream.

6. LA BELLONA Camellia Oleifera Oil Clinic 50g Full Sized ($11)
This is aimed at restoring moisture to dry hair. It's bascially a conditioner your meant to leave in for a few minutes however it comes with a shower cap that is not mentioned on the card so I will probably leave it in for a lot longer and put the cap on.

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