Wednesday, 18 February 2015


This is a superbox containing 5 full sized items, although number 4 is actually 2 items so you could say 6. This box celebrated the first year anniversary of Memebox, however I got it in a re-stock, here's the contents of the box:

1. Tosowoong Bee AC Control Lotion or Toner 100ml Full sized ($15)
I got the toner which is good as I have the lotion. I love Tosowoong and have tried this line before and this range is really good for sensitive or blemish prone skin.

2. Unni Recipe Makes Your Skin Smooth Firming Pact SPF25 Light Beige Full Sized 12g ($24)
I am currently using this cushion and the colour is good, when I first opened it I thought it was too orange but it applies differently to what it looks like. The only thing I don't like is the sponge as it's very rubbery but I have swapped it for an Etude House one and what a difference it makes.

3. AHC Whitening Cream SPF 35 30ml Full sized ($38)
I had all the serums in this range and swapped them but kept the miracle cream. I love this range for some items and not others, the serums contain quite a lot of alcohol. This cream contains niacinimide which I love for it's anti-ageing properties so I will be keeping this to try.

4. RiRe Cool Dr Scalp+ 10ml & Hot Speed Manicure 15ml Full sized ($11)
Both of these contain oriental medicinal ingredients, one is for cooling the scalp and preventing hair loss the other is for treatment, both are leave in products.

5. RiRe Capsule Mask Pack 75ml Full Sized (422)
There was a choice of 3 moisture, whitening and anti-ageing. I got anti-ageing which I'm delighte about as usually in randoms I end up with the ones I don't want. Again lots of good niacinimide in this spray on mask that can be applied and left on under make-up. A novel new way that I like.

This is a great box with good variety of products containing good ingredients.

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