Tuesday, 3 February 2015


 There's a line on the info card that reads ' while the more the merrier applies to most things in life the growing party of pore dwellers is never fun'! I will miss these one liners..
Very happy I ordered this box. Everything new to me and 5 full sized items. Here's what's in the box:

1. GU:AAM METHOD Black Pearl Protein (Conchiolin) 35 Whitening Serum 60 ml Full Sized ($30)
This is a serum that goes on after cleansing and is aimed at skin renewal, detoxing and eliminating toxins. It has black pearl extracts, bifida and AHA all of which support cell renewal. It has no chemical, frangrances, preservatives, parabens and other nasties and it is quite a large size for a serum.

2. YADAH Anti Trouble Bubble Cleanser 150ml Full Sized ($27)
I actually like Yadah cleansers and their lipsticks however this is aimed at acne which gladly I don't have issues with, the fact that it has Salicylic acid may sway me to try it though.

3. MAYAN Bio Mineral Tox Mist 100ml Full Sized ($44)
This can be used to refresh or set make up, it's full of fruit extracts and royal jelly and it has amazing little 'secret beads' that are made with ions inside. It actually rattles as if it has stones inside. I am goign to use this after cleansing and as a setting spray, what a  great product to put in this box.

4. ARAON Detox Skin Essence 100ml Full Sized ($34)
Like the idea of a detox essence and this one has green tea and maple water which sounds very cleansing. It's meant to be massaged into the face after cleansing to give a brighter even skin tone and smooth and plump.

5. ESTHETIC HOUSE Vitamin 3000 Vitamin B BVita- Capsule Cream 30ml Full Sized ($24)
This is for inflammed skin and contains pure vitamin B . It can be added to other moisturisers and is described as a multi purpose product. Good for the treatment of spots and can see it being nice for any irritated bits. Really liking this stuff.

I love this box and everything in it and would recommend it if it ever gets re-stocked go and grab it!

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