Monday, 2 February 2015


Managed to get my hands on the restock of the collaboration box with youtuber CoffebreakwithDani! I bet you can all guess why I wanted this box...
These collab boxes are meant to be favourites of the person, ususally a youtuber, however I am not cinvinced that can be totally true judging by some of the items in these boxes. I actually don't care anyway as there was one thing in particular I wanted the Miguhara BP Cream! It is not easy to get hold of and costs a fortune so when I saw this I grabbed it immediately.
This is a packed box and now I have it I actually like everything. So here it is:

1.Priori Aroma Moisture Gel Mist Full sized 100ml ($22)
I love mists, my favourite is Dermahouse Aloe so I am happy to get this one, a lavendar base will help with sleeping. It also contains bee venom and is aimed at soothing and purifying the skin.

2. Dewytree Ginseng Nutritious Black Tea Mask 30g ($3)
Never tried a Dewytree mask and not had much experience of Ginseng ones either. This one is for dry skin so suits me. What can I say, it's a sheet mask.

3. Golden Glove Exfoliating Gloves ($22)
Ok a pair of exfoliating gloves that cost $22? I don't think so. I usually end up with these from Christmas body sets and the like and use them once then find they go mouldy if you don't take care of them. I like the feeling they give and will use them.

4. Miguhara BP Cream Full sized 30ml ($37)
This is a Holy Grail for a lot of people. It's a BB and Primer in one and is meant to produce great results. I have looked for it online and could only find one place that wanted $18 for 5ml so you can understand why I wouldn't pay that. I can not wait to see this baby in action.

5. Nuganic Customized Sunblock Full sized 40ml ($45)
Not sure what is meant by customized but it could be that this also has anti-wrinkle and brightening properties. It claims to firm the skin and enhance the compexion,will try it under foundation as a primer in summer.

6. HanskinBio Original Royal Ampoule BB 4.5ML Full size is 35ml and costs ($54)
I have written about this before and I love the stuff. I now have 40ml stored but the tiny bottles are hard to scrape out. If Miguhara can beat this then that's saying something. This stuff covers every imperfection and is flawless.

What a great end to the Meme era for me.

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