Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Skin as soft as a baby's bum or so this box is aimed at, here's what's inside:

1. DR MJ Real Mucin Restore Foam Cleanser 180ml Full Sized ($34)
I already use the DR MJ cushion which is lovely and dewy and the idea of a cleanser with snail mucin and mung bean sounds good to me. If it does what it promises then I will be very happy as a lot of cleansers leave my skin feeling tight. There is no smell and it seems quite foamy.

2. ETTANG Modelling Take-out Cup in Propilis 17g Full Sized ($3)
Whenever these appear I always think it's a bit of a cop put and way of filling a box cheaply. I bought the value set a while back and have received more individually in boxes. These give 2 good mask applications and if you like mixing your own packs they are pretty good, they dry hard and you sort of pick them off then rinse.

3. DERMAKEY She's 4th Aurora Skin Elixir 3D Perfectioner  50ml Full Sized ($104)
So this is the star of the box and if to be believed costs $104? Meant for hydrating and evening out skin tone it is a niacinimide based product which I like so this better be good.

4. BAVAR Max Calming Cream 50g Full Sized ($47)
Rose hip oil is great for the skin and this is an intensive moisturiser that is meant to have a long lasting effect. Again it would seem quite a pricey product.

5. NEOGEN Exidigm Rough Foot & Knee Scrub 60ml Full Sized ($20)
Like the idea of this but at the end of the day it's a foot scrub with knees thrown in. I will give it a go especially on my elbows for the summer. Nice idea.

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