Sunday, 1 February 2015


Memebox sent all its' international customers an email yesterday saying that from now on they will only ship to Korea, China and the US.
I can't begin to imagine how much this will cost them in lost sales, however for me I am looking at it in a more positive way. Rather than be stuck with items I don't wish to use from some of the boxes I can now concentrate on using some of the other sellers on ebay and online to improve my buying experience.

Here are some I have had great deals and customer service from:

Tester Korea - An online shop carrying a huge stock and range of brands. They hold regular brand sales and discounts and the more you spend the more discount you get as a member. You will often find good samples in with your order and they always mark your package as a gift and below the customs threshhold for your country. There is also a forum you can join and a section for requesting things you want them to stock.You can find them here

Innisfree - A good well known brand. I especially like their sheet masks. Unfortunately they mark the true value as I know to my cost so watch the amount you spend. They often do good deals and buy one get one free events and I get emails with discount codes. Right now I have one for 10% off and one for $10 of shipping. They can be found here

Beauty Net Korea - This store has free shipping which makes it attractive and you get cash back on your purchases. Their prices are competative. They can also be found selling on ebay as f2plus1. I use them a lot. I have never had any customs issue with them either.They are over here

Honestskin - Only used them a couple of times but there were no issues, shipping was quite speedy in comparison to some and they carry a lot of the higher end brands. You can visit them here

RoseRoseShop - I like this seller. They have sections where you will find free shipping deals and different discounted items. They give great samples and shipping charges are reasonable. They have great customer service and carry a good selection of brands.They are also on ebay under the names rubyruby shop and bring bring shop. Here they are

Wishtrend - Shipping is pricey but they do carry brands and item you will not find elsewhere. I think shipping is free over something like $69. I have used them before and everything went well and there were no customs charges.

Yesstyle - This site is a address however they are based in Asia. They are a mix of fashion and beauty and are not always the cheapest but if you shop around you can get some good deals from them. They will also send you lots of email offers. Shipping was fast both times I ordered. Here is their site

Finally Ebay sellers - The ones I have used and had no issues with are: 

f2plus1 (still trading as this but also as beautynetkorea)
singsing girl (lovely to deal with, fantastic communication and will happily answer questions about items) 

bringbring shop (aka rubyruby and roserose) 

iamlove shop
Tosowoongkorea (they have a great instagram offer right now, tag them and let them know on your next purchase and you will get a free gift, I got a full size timeshift emulsion!),  

Personally if a store has more than 98% feedback I am comfortable using them. Most of these give samples too but I think it's only polite not to expect samples then when you get them it's a charming surprise!

Some others I have heard of but not personally used

Remember to check that these stores ship to your country and don't be put off by dollars or won you can easily convert to your currency in google.

Like I said I have not had customs charges with any of these sellers except Innisfree but obviously if your order was so huge they would have a hard time hiding it as a gift then that's the gamble you take. Happy Shopping!

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