Wednesday, 18 February 2015


1. Banila Co Clean It Zero Original & Reservatol 7g x 2 each Full sized is 100ml ($24 each)
Both of these are amazing cleansers. I have the full size versions and these smaller ones are great for travel. They go on as a blam and turn to oil and remove even waterproof mascara. They contain acerola, papaya and herbal extracts. I have a few back ups as it's such an effective cleaner that also hydrates the skin, not leaving it tight or dry.

2. Enesti Yuzu Foaming Cleanser 120ml Full sized ($14)
Again a clenser this time a foaming one made from spring water and citrus extracts. This is meant to be used after a cleaning oil to remove last traces of make-up. It smells great but is quite drying so you need to make sure you get every last drop off.

3. A;T FOX Tea Tox Water Clear tablet 4g Fulls sized ($4)
I really don't get the purpose of this. It's a green tea bag with a tablet that makes the water PH 4.9 which is meant to be the ideal number. You put it in water then wait until it's dissolves and pat the skin with it. At first I thought you made it into a drink but no it's a kind of wash? I think if it was in a sterilsed container yoou could use it more than once.

4. Neogen Code 9 Glucose Skin Essence 250ml Full sized ($26)
I have used this before but didn't really see any benefits although it smells and feels good. It is made from naturally fermented gluscose. I suppose it's a toner/essence. It is meant to soothe and firm the skin. Although it says to wet a cotton pad I just spray it onto my face.

5. Mizon Cotton Shower Sheet Essence 55ml Full sized ($7)
These were randomly selected for dry and oily skin and I got dry which is good. This can be used to wipe over the skin or as a sheet mask. It has shea butter and witch hazel and it is little rectangle shaped patches that you can use on specific traget areas.

6. Charmzone Ginko Natural Cleansing Tissues 10 sheets Full sized is 70 sheets and costs ($15)
This is a pack of wipes enriched with nutrients from the Ginko tree. They are used as make up remover wipes. They are also gentle to the skin.

I like this box. It has a good mix of weird and effective products.

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