Thursday, 19 February 2015


How Sad, my last box! It is a good one apart from a burst product, however lets look inside.
1. YADAH Pure Green Emulsion 120ml Full sized ($21)
Emulsions are lovely as they sink in fast and this one is herbal and has royal jelly and prickly pear so it should be quite soothing. I like the brand YADAH and have a few of their lipsticks which are great.

2. ECHOICE Perfume Body Mist Dear Iris 120ml Full size ($4)
ECHOICE appears to be a Korean drugstore brand but the products are good quality. I love Korean body mists, I know not everyone does but I like their cute floral smells. I had a good spritz of it earlier and can still get the scent so it's long lasting as well.

3. SEVENDROPS Moringa Light Sunblock 50g Full sized ($38)
I have heard of moringa tree extract before and it is claimed to be a favourtie of ancient kings and queens! It is said to hydrate and repair. I love how Korean sunblocks also nourish the skin. They also don't smell anythign like western ones. This has a really light texture.

4. KSKIN Rose Moisture & Nutrition Facial Cream 100ml Full sized (&8)
This was the one that burst in the box giving it a lovely floral scent. It has bulgarian and tea rose which are meant to hold vitamin C to repair the skin. It seems nice and creamy.

5. ENESTI Rose Hip Oil Foaming Cleanser 120ml Full sized ($15)
I have the yuzu and oatmeal version of this . This is a rose hip oil based cleanser and these are really nice and foamy. I will open this and give it  try to see if it's as good as the oatmeal.

6. PUREDERM Lavendar Collagen Pulp Mask Full sized 18ml ($2)
Never tried a pulp mask but I do have a stash of these purederm ones in various scents. I have tried other purederm sheet masks with great success. I think this lavendar one will be great for relaxation and stress relieving.

I enjoyed this box even if it was quite low value it goes to show that you can get good drugstore products in Korea. I am sad this is my last box but maybe Memebox will some back again some day.

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