Wednesday, 11 February 2015


This was the recent Mystery Box. It was taking a gamble but I like surprises, having seen some of the ones others got I was glad when mine arrived as it has 4 really good useable products. There is no card so can't give you prices but the IOPE is probably the star item:

1. CheekRoom Lip&Eye Remover 100ml
I am currently using this to remove Benfit They're Real mascara and anyone who use this will know how hard it is to shift. This is an oil based makeup remover and I am happy to report it works well without to much rubbing. I love the designs of this brand, reminds me a bit of theBalm.

2. IOPE Essential Moisture Relief Cream 50ml
I was hoping to get this as I have the essence from this range and the cream is very jelly like and melts into the skin immediately, it also has a cooling feeling and fresh smell.
3. Pure+ The Shampoo 50ml
Without a card and lack of English translation I am not sure what this contains but it smells herbal and has pictures of plants and mountains so can only assume it's plant based. It comes in a small pump bottle so I will have to investigate as I can't imagine there would be many applications.

4. Shara Shara Tok Tok Mint Lip Essence
I love this balm, it has that minty stingy feeling on the lips which I like as it plumps them up a bit before applying lipstick. This balm also has SPF

I think the gamble paid off on this one as it was only $19 shipped so about £12ish. I will use all of these products and it also gives me 2 back ups as well.

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