Saturday, 31 January 2015


As I'm writing this I have just found out Memebox are stopping all international deliveries from 10th of February! Mixed emotions! I was just getting into the whole craze really but I am not too dissapointed as there are many good places online to buy Korean skincare and make-up. There are rumours abound that they have done this before then came back within a couple of months so that may happen too. I can't get my head around how much money they will lose on this, so doesn't make good business sense but they must know what they are doing.
I am currently waiting on 10 boxes and 2 value sets to come before the cut off.

So here is Yoghurt Cosmetics:

1. Pure Smile Yoghurt Mask Mixed Fruits 23ml x 2 Full sized ($5 each)
I have only ever tried the face pack wash of type of yoghurt mask before and liked them especially the strawberry one so it's interesting to get their version of sheet mask. These fruit yoghurt masks always make me want to eat them. Yoghurt is great for dry skin and this one has banana, kiwi and pineapple.

2. Happy Bath Facial Yoghurt Cleaning Foam 120ml Full sized ($6)
These are randomly selected from 4 types Gentle, Moist, Silky and Firm. I can't work out which I got as it doesn't say on the tube and doesn't tell which is which on the card but I got the yellow and it mentions lemon.

3. ettang Modelling Take Out Cup Pack Yoghurt 17g Full sized ($3)
I bought a pack of these for $14 shipped previously and there were 8 in it. Each tub does 2 applications so I empty out half the mixture and use that. These dry hardish and you pick them off then. They are ok but a bit faffy.

4. Purederm Skin Softening Yoghurt Mask Strawberry 150ml Full sized ($12)
This is the same as the sheet masks but in a bottle. Purederm also do a pack of 10 sachets too in this line. This does leave skin really soft but I can't walk about the same as with a sheet so again a bit of a faff to use.

5. Rappol Calming Cream 150g Full Sized ($59)
So this is the star of the box for me. The Rappol founders started out with a baby range for their own baby and made the products super gentle on skin. This one contains lactic acid. It is meant to moisturise and strengthen the skin.

6. Holika Holika I Want Chu Lip Balm Full sized product ($11)
This is a 2 pack of lip balms in the cute packaging of Holika, one is strawberry flavour the other yoghurt or vanilla as I would describe it. These smell and taste lovely and they do last quite a while before having to re-apply.

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