Wednesday, 28 January 2015


The Alica set contains Healing Revital Paraffin Nail Pack and 5 Hand Mask packs. There are 10 cubes of pink paraffin and a plastic cup. You put a cube in the cup and add hot water, the paraffin then turns dark red (too hot) and then bright red(ready to dip) and when it does this you dip the tips of your fingers in a few times until they are coated then take them out and wait 10-15 mins then peel it off.
This is an amazingly softening treatment that really gets into the hard skin around the nails. The left over wax can be re-used and I have managed to get 3 uses out of one cube. The hand masks are left on for about 15 mins too. This has really helped my nails to grow, so much so I have ordered another set!

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