Tuesday, 6 January 2015


This box contains 8 full sized products so great value for money. I love this box as it's a good mix of make-up and products.
One or two things in this box really stand out for me and I'm glad I got it on a re-stock. So here is what is within....

N.S.M ReBorn Tint 5g ($18) was featured in Make-up Edition box- These were picked from a random selection of 3, I got Exciting Snow Cooling Tint which is a deep pinky red, there was also Sorbet and Sorbet Melting. If I'm honest I won't use this colour but looking at them all I don't think any of them would suit me. Why are Korean lip products made in such in your face colours? These tints are meant to melt in a cooling way into the lips and put a protective film over them, nice idea. I may try it in the summer. The card suggests applying from the inner corners for a graduated effect, I can't get that ombre lip right.

Ladykin Aqua Exfoliator For Body 150ml ($14) was featured in #16 OMG box - this is a fruit peel and exfoliator and it says to use it after a shower to peel areas you wish to remove dead skin cells from, I can see this being good for summer legs but think I would have to get back in the shower again.
Croquis Dual Concealer 8.1g ($27) was featured in #23 Girls Night Out box - I like how it has 2 ends, a pointy tip for spot coverage and a sponge for larger areas, the colour is pretty generic beige type but I can work with it. It also says it's an anti-wrinkle concealer so I'm thinking it maybe has something in it that reflects light.

HAIR+ Velvet Nutri Injection 12ml ($5) featured in #41 Jackpot Box - I love these, have swapped for a few in the past and I am happy to get hair products in boxes. I use it after towel drying and one tube lasts me a fair bit. I don't know if your meant to use it all at once but I don't.
Evas Cosmetic Vitamin cleansing Dessert 130g ($18) was featured in #51 My Cute Wishlist 2 - These came in 4 variations Berry Mix, Lemon, Red Wine and Coconut & Cacao, I got Red Wine which is fine. It is meant to be used within a year of opening which sounds a lot! I will definately get round to using it as it's meant for getting make-up off so what could be better after a night of drinking red wine to then put it on your face!

23 Years Old Air-laynic Pore Mask ($14) featured in Luckybox #7 - I have heard good things about this so glad it's showed up for me. It has nose mask sheets that your put the liquid onto and it tightens pores and eliminates oils. I have some quite large pores so will be happy to use this and see if it makes any difference. Love the quirkyness of the syringe.

Purebess Galactomyces 100% 50ml ($15) featured in #6 Whole Grain - This is a HG for me, this stuff really does lock in moisture in my dry skin. Use it all the time so this will be a back-up I will get my monies worth out of. I also use secret key starting treatment which contains galactomyces too. I can't rave about it enough for anyone with dry skin.

Secret Key Color Recipe The Pink Cream 55g ($34) was in #54 The Pinkaholic - I have to confess to not trying either this or the yellow cream yet, even though I have multiples of these and love the brand I just haven't had a window in whcih to open them yet. Again it's an anti-ageing cream which is fine with me as I need it now. Apparently there are tiny bits in the cream that pop on your skin so quite looking forward to that.

All in All Blogger Picks is a great box for me and a good range of things to try and a couple fo good back ups too.

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