Saturday, 10 January 2015

Upcycled Birchboxes

I have a growing mountain of subscrition boxes that never seem to get used and I find stacking them a pain so started playing around with some to create someting a bit more useable.
It was really easy to do, all you need is boxes, a glue gun, some ribbons and embellishments (I chose paper flowers to fit with my room) and some brass paper fastners.

All I did was use 2 box lids for each drawer holder section, cut an end of each and sandwiched them together using glue. I did make sure the bottom of the box/drawer fit snuggly into them before glueing them down.
I used 6 box lids in total to make 3 drawer sections then glue them in place. Make sure to line them up first and just check all your drawers fit well. If need be use a craft knife or very sharp scissors to trim any uneven edges.
The handles are simply some sturdy ribbon. I measured 3 pieces the same length and cut a V into each end to stop it fraying. I then used brass paper fastners that open like butterfly wings and poked them through the ribbon and drawer and fastened at the back.

A very simple idea! I am working on another type of storage using Memeboxes.


  1. Omg, you're so creative. I trashed all my boxes (tears). I will try this next time Xo Feelfabbefab

  2. Thanks, it's such a shame to waste, they are good sturdy boxes for crafting x