Monday, 5 January 2015


This box boasts products for hair, body, feet and ahem lady bits!

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Collagen Coating Protein Ion Injection 50ml - I have this already but hair products never go wrong, I've not tried it yet but Elizavecca is a good brand so have high hopes for it.

Tosowoong Micro Face Towel - This is a nice addition as you don't see many accessories in boxes and these things come in so handy. I will be using this alongside some cleansing foam.
Tosowoong Time Shift Serum 20ml - this is a fermented serum that contains snail and galactomyces, another favourite ingredient of mine. I use the Purebess galactomyces all the time and finds it gives good lasting moisture when I need it. I am happy to try this to see how it measures up to other serums.

ProYou Body Scrub Peeling Emulsion - I already use the face peeling gel from ProYou so will give this a go. Thinking of using it on dry skin then showering off.
Milky Dress Foot Essence Sweat Free 30ml - Although the desription pitches this as for foot odour I think it's really just a foot cream. Not sure I will ever use this but I know someone who will.

Last but by no means least....

KSin Bulgarian Rose Feminine Secret Cleanser 200ml - Ok this is a weird one, it's a cleanser to 'leave a woman's secret zone with a sophisticated and attractive floral fragrance' according to the card it gets rid of foul smells. I think if it smells that foul it's a doctor you need not a bottle of rose cleanser! Will I use this? No but only because I think it could irritate the nether regions.

I think the contents fit the theme head to toe well.

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