Thursday, 29 January 2015


I am in love with this box from the word go! 5 full size products and 2 making an appearance from new professional brand Bory. Here's what's in the box:

1. BORY Aqua Calming Cream 70g Full size product ($54)
So this is a day time moisturiser that strengthens the skin cell wall, containing aloe vera, chamomile, mineral water and Multi EX BSASM and oriental medicines. Healing cell regeneration sounds good to me as do oriental medicines. It comes in a nice glass jar and says professional use. I also have the toner, thanks to the Cleanse Morning and Night box and now the eye serum in this box too. I am also expecting another Bory product soon.

2. BORY Q-10 Moisture Eye Serum 30ml Full size product ($48)
A lifting and hydrating serum containing hyaluronic acid, coenzyme, collagen, panthenol, green tea and rosemary.

3. VELLA Fresh Creamy Soap 100ml Full size product ($24)
Not sure if I can bring myself to use this as it contains Donkey Milk, now I am in no way squeamish but have had a lot of dealing with donkey's so it kinda puts me off. I am sure it is great stuff and the idea of a bubbling cleaser appeals. Maybe as a body wash?

4. SHARA SHARA Lemon Honey All-in-One Cream 200ml Full size product ($13)
This can be used on the face or body and honey and lemon are a great combo for my skin so will give this a go, probably as a body lotion.

5. ECHOICE Pure Lily and Shea Butter Hand Therapy 60g Full size product ($2)
I love ECHOICE Oatmeal cleanser so no reason not to like this and I also find butter based hand cream work for longer so quite please with this addition to the box.

This is a brilliant box and I wouldn't hesitate to snag it again.

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