Tuesday, 6 January 2015


I bought this set for two reasons, firstly there were no boxes on the go and well I really like secret key. I also used loads of points so got it for about £9.  I notice there is a different set up now but I have everything from that so won't be ordering. I only got one double in this set and that's the yellow cream.

The yellow cream is sister to the pink version and they have littel capsule like bits in a jelly which sort of pop on the skin, the yellow version is very much an anti-oxident one.

The Blackout pore tightening mask is a really fresh clean smelling substance that when you take it off your skin actually squeaks if you rub it.

The set came with a little bottle of Starting Treatment Essence which I love so will decant this one or use it for travel, this has one fo my top ingredients galactomyces.

The yellow bottle is a beautiful perfume mist and since I am no use at describing scents i won't other than to say it is not heavy, sickly or sweet and could easily be mistaken for soemthing expensive.

This set also came with Berry Milk hand cream but it contains donkey milk which is a total turn off for me, many a holiday in Spain ruined by going up mountains on the back of donkey's with wooden saddles, enough said!

Snail Eye Cream is the last item and I am really  happy as I have a thing for eyecream also and love to do an eye massage when I get the time.

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