Monday, 5 January 2015


This being a holiday themed box comes with the online card but I don't mind that at all. There are 6 products all calim to be full size:

O’GCE Minus Touch Cooling Nose Pack Set [Cooling Nose Pack 10pcs + Pore Slim Pad Pouch 10pcs]Me and blackhead patches don't mix! It's not something I have ever had to deal with and have no desire to try. I know that folk who do use them like them but I just don't need them.

ECLADO Real Radiance Whitening Cream 40g

This is aimed at a last step in your routine to brighten and moisturise. It has a few ingredients that stand out for me niacinamide, hyaluronic and liquorice among others. I will definately be putting this to the test.

MINERAL BIO Natural Mineral White Clay Pack 80ml

Detoxify, purify, and refine the skin with the power of white clay is what it says. This is a 2-3 time a week application and has a high mineral content. Again it is a pore cleanser which I am ok with with as I see this as being different from the blackhead products, not sure about clay on my dry skin, have had mixed results with clays before but I will try this at some point.
I.MYSS Natural Toc Face Tuning Eye Cream 30ml
I love eye creams and love to massage them in, the Korean way of course. These come in either argan or tea tree and I got argan which made me very happy as neither can I stand the stinging effect or smell of tea tree it also dries out my skin. The packaging reminds me of the Balm.

I.MYSS Cantabile Stick BB Concealer

Another I.MISS item, a concealer stick, got the right colour and from swatching can tell it may work well. Love how the Korean face produst are enriched with things like Viatmin E.

6. XAIVITA+ Goat Milk Skin Care Series

This time I got the hand cream, there were also a bar soap, scrub, wrinkle essence and cleanser. I have long known the benefits of goats milk but not a fan. So glad it wasn't a face product as there is no way I could have used that but on hands I can maybe tolerate.

 I hardly paid anything for this box mabye £6 so really it was ok for the money. I will use most of it and find homes for the rest.

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