Saturday, 17 January 2015


This is another re-stock from a few weeks ago. I was after Rose Edition but it has eluded me 3 times now, however I'm not at all dissapointed with this one. I am on a bit of a vitamin c craze just now so this will do me nicely.
Again nicely packed with products and well curated to the theme. I think the newer boxes lack some of the thought that went into these older ones. so here it is:

1. Unni Recipe Vitamin Recharged Mist 55ml Full Sized ($18)
This is my fourth bottle, I am stockpiling them because it has eveything I want in a mist including niacinamide, lemon, orange, grapefruit and lime extract. It sprays well and is really zingy and refreshing.

2. The Yeon All Day Sun Cream SPF50+++50ML Full Sized ($17)
I always think that Korean sunscreens are different from the stuff we slap on lying on a beach in Spain and they are, and like this one a lot of them can actually be used as a primer under makeup. This is meant for that purpose and it is a blend of aloe vera leaf, broccoli, orange peel, kiwi, lemon grass and avacado, so it's high in vitamin C. Normally I give sunscreens away but I'm tempted to give this one an airing.

3. Tonymoly Clean Dew Red Grapefuit Foam Cleanser 180ml Full Sized ($4)
I think this reminds me a lot of Body Shop Grapefruit range, it says it's non-drying so I will give this a go and see if it takes make-up off. The scent is so fruity.

4. Mizon Refresh Time Grapefruit Body Wash 200ml Full Sized ($14)
Again I have a similar one I'm using now from Body Shop but this seems to smell so much more fruity and natural, will have to compare them. It also seems creamier.

5. Vivito Make-up Starter Intro 700g Full Sized ($35)
This intrigued me most out of everything in the box. It is a tub of wet wipes shaped like flowers but they have a bumpy surface, I guess for exfoliating. Vivito is a range used by make-up artists and I have tried several products and quite like them especially the lipsticks and primers. These have lavender water in them which I like.

6. Vivito Painting Sweet Lip Balm Orange Farm 12g Full Sized ($24)
I have one of these in Berry Farm and love using it. I am obsessed with lip balms anyway but the jelly like texture is a bit different from run of the mill balms. The other thign with Vivito is the packaging is really well thought out and this tin is very nice.

Again another good box that I would be happy to buy again. A must for lovers of citrus.

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