Thursday, 29 January 2015


Another lovely box with 5 full sized products.
1. Ariul Spa Water 24 hours Moisturising De-tox Mask 100ml Full sized ($26)
This cleanser is another bubbling one that gets right down into the pores. It leaves skin sparkling and it's good for sry skin as it also has hydrating properties and doesn't leave the skin tight or dehydrated.

2. AHC Hologram Collection Whitening Serum 50ml Full sized ($89)
I don't know if the price is to be believed and although I have 2 other products from the range I haven't got round to using them mainly because I have heard they contain alcohol which is no good for dry skin, the products are very artistic in design though. This one contains aecerol berry, hyaluronic, niacinimide, ice plant, camu camu berry, kiwi and tomato. Again great ingredients but the added addition of alcohol puts me off.

3. Ladykin Broccoli Super Brightening Cream 60ml Full sized ($14)
I like the idea of this as it has 75% broccoli extract which means vitamin C and E. Can't wait to see if it works on dark circles.

4. Boscians Cycle Repair Whitening Spot 15ml Full sized ($24)
This is great as an eye cream and it's really helped with my skin under them. Green bud complex is the active ingredient and hyaluronic is there to help hydrate. I am glad to have this as a back up. I know it says 15ml but I can't help thinking there is more in these tubes so could be a missprint?

5. WITHME White Perfection Hydrating Cream 120ml Full size ($43)
I am really excited by this. Firstly there is 24,000mg of silk concentrates and ocean complex! I have no idea what those are but doesn't it sound impressive? Apparently the silk formula is rich in amino acids and protein whilst the sea minerals and coral reef extracts revive exhausted skin. This is going straight on my face tonight!

A great box!

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