Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Dry Skin Smackdown is how this box is pitched. It has 6 products which is good and they are all full size.
This box perked me up. I have dry skin so it was an obvious choice. In recent months a combination of western peeling techniques and Korean treatments has really helped my skin so I'm always on the lookout for anything that claims to add moisture.

Here's what's in the box...

insobeau Hairomax Vitamin Stick 10g ($29) - This seems to be a spot treatment for dry patches and can be used before or after make-up application. It also claims to cool, sooth and treat enlarged pores. It is a vitamin (doesn't say which) and hyaluronic formula, guessing the hyaluronic is there to plump. It says it can be used around eye, mouth and cheeks so I would assume it could double up as a lip balm.

Wish Formula Premium Ampoule Mask ($14) - This is a sheet mask that aims to improve the skin's ability to recover whilst moisturising and treating wrinkles. There is no information about ingredients but I'm happy to try new masks as I seem to always use the same Etude and Innisfree ones.

original raw Delux Kit ver 3.0 30ml x 3 ($60) - I am really intrigued and excited by this kit, it has 3 tubes, a cleanser, a patting essence and a jam. The cleanser is one of those that bubble up and trap oxyden into the skin, Black Bubble in this case and the jam is meant to lock moisture in for 48 hours. Instructions say a dime sized amount of cleanser so this should last a while. The jam can be used after essence or more thickly for overnight.
ROSEMOON Rich 53% Collagen Smart Balm 50ml ($47) - I love the sleek packaging on this, makes it look expensive. It's a collagen cream that contains 53% which must be quite good or they probably wouldn't mention it. Collagen is one of my faves as it plumps my skin up so I'm happy this was included as I've never tried Rosemoon before.

imface Vio-Xellose Neck Patch 10ml ($5) - A plant and coconut extract sheet mask for the neck. Good one for the turkey neck as we get older. Never used a neck mask before, this one probably requires a lie down so will keep it for a head to toe night.

Dermahouse Aloe Vera Moisture Mist 120ml ($14) - I love this stuff! I have 4 of them now and use it on it's own or with patting waters and ampoules added, I've decanted and mixed up this with so many things and I use aloe products after my glycolics so well happy to get this. I had difficulty finding this online for a while.

This box is a good practical one, not any high end surprised but things that can be used on a daily basis with a couple of good treatment masks trown in.

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