Tuesday, 27 January 2015


I was expecting this to be a make up box however I am not dissapointed as it's a good mix and I feel it's been worth the money. Here's a run down:

1. LAILLY 7 Seconds Makeup Booster 50g Full sized product ($41)
This is essentially a primer. It contains mainly fruit extracts from strawberry, blueberry, acai berry and raspberry. It is meant to reduce the visability of pores and fine lines and help makeup last longer. I am excited to try this as I'm always looking for a good primer.

2. TOUCH COUTURE Perfect Dual Kit 6.5g Full sized product ($35)
So a lip gloss brow gel combo! Dual ended with the gloss at one side and brow gel on the other. I can't stop laughing at the randomness of this item, it's a if we should touch up our brows at the same time we touch up our lips, by the end of the day I would have hairy catepillars if I did that. There's no mention of a selection of colours but the one I have is a fairly bright pink and the brow gel is a brownish colour that would work ok for me.

3.ESTHETIC HOUSE Collagen Jelly Pack Mask Sheet 20ml 5each ($17)
A pack of 5 mask versions of their collagen jelly pack. I have the tub version and have to admit to not trying it yet but collagen is a fairly generic ingredietn that I don't hink you can go wrong with in a mask. Nice to get 5 of them.

4. LA BELLONA Camelia Oleifera Oil Clinic 50g Full Sized Product ($11)
Good to see a hair product in this box. Based on camelia and collagen it can be used as a conditioner or comes with a cute disposable plastic cap so that it can be left on longer for an intensive treatment. Interestingly the instructions make no mention of the cap!

5. MOKSHA Double Ton Up Whitening Cream 50ml Full size products ($40)
There were 3 of these and mine was randomly selected from Bidan Cream, Double Tin Up or Gleam Moisture. They are all moisturisers but with different effects. The Double Ton that I got is for moisturising, brightening, hydrating, clarifying and anti-wrinkle. I would like to get the other 2 especially the Bidan as it's for reparing and contains rose hip oil.

All in all a good value box with a great mix of products.

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