Saturday, 24 January 2015


This is a great box, packed with an interesting mix of products and all of them seems to be of good quality. Here is a run down of the contents:

1. HEART FACE Ultra Pore Care Sleeping Pack 100ml Full size product: 100ml ($14)
I am loving this already without even trying it, why, a few reasons, it's a fermented Ultra Pore Care Sleeping Pack with 100% galactomyces, natural herbal complex, hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera. Straight away 3 of my favourite ingredients. I use Perebess galactomyces all the time and it leaves my skin smooth and bright especially if I'm getting ready to do a full face for a night out. The tub is very pretty like a tree of life with 'your skin as your dreaming' written on.

2. MYPU; Black Pearl & Gold Velvet Gel Eye Patch 1.1g X 60ea Full size product: 1.1g X 60ea ($30)
These patches have a blend of premium collagen, hyaluronic acid and black pearl extracts. They are black in colour and meant to keep your under-eye skin moist, soft and firm, deal with dark circles and fine wrinkles. They should be left on for 20-30 mins and any remaining essence patted in, can't wait to try these. I have seen them in another box and wanted them so happy for these to be included.

3. AVEC MOI Mask 4 Set Full size product: 8g + 16g + 16g + 4.5g ($33)
1) Pony Tail Silky Treatment Pack 8g
Love hair packs and this one seems packed with richness and good things such as pito collagen, bean protein, silk protein, botanical plus-10, argan oil, olive oil, shea butter, and royal jelly. I also love how it doesn't need to be rinsed off afterwards and you can go straight to blow drying. Now it does say to tie your hair in a pony and put it into the pack but if you have short hair there's no reason not to just put the pack stright on. It says 5-30 mins but I would leave for the max, doon't see the point of not using something for the full effect.
2) Shea Butter Special Care Foot Mask 16g A good mix of shea butter, macadamia oil, vitamin E in this one, I'm sure we have all used foot pack so no explaining neccessary. Looking forward to trying it!
3) Camellia Special Care Hand Mask 16g Again nice ingredients like collagen, Vit E and Argan Oil. Hand packs ready do make a difference to nail night for me as I tend to get hard skin round my nails from manual labour!
4) Intensive Nail Pack 4.5gI have never tried these but funnily enough had ordered some from Tester Korea just before the box turned up. I have been getting back into doing my nails lately and always have hard cuticles so these should sort that out.There's an impressive list of nourishing ingredients too -  cacao seed butter, milk protein, hydrolyzed bean protein, hydrolyzed collagen, honey, macadamia oil.

4. D’RAN Wonder Lifting Eye Cream 25g Full size product: 25g ($35)I am currently using the D'RAN Aqua Wonder Recovery Eye Cream and it wears well and is not in any way greasy so a lifting one is even better. I really like their products and the ingredients too such as beta glucan, macadamia see oil, argan oil, jojoba seed oil, and EGF.

5. TOSOWOONG Natural Pure Snail Essence 60ml Full size product: 60ml ($24)
I'm a fan of anything with snail and also Tosowoong, love their propolis sheet masks. This one is meant for after toner and contains 20% pure snail mucin and 40% fresh birch tea leaf juice which I am seeing turing up in more and more products lately.

6. SWITCH PATCH Elephant 3-Step! Black Head Nose Pack 7g Full size product: 7g ($3)

I don't suffer from blackheads so tend to avoid these things however it's nice just to unclog nose pores sometimes and I have tried an Elizavecca 3 step set before so happy to hold onto this one and use as well.

This has been a pleasant surprise as I tend to avoid spoilers if I can so memebox have pulled this one of as far as I'm concerned.

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